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  1. Hi Jeremy Ok I did so but it still takes a long time to boot and worse ....when I start the computer I have no sound at all. I have to restart it and than it appears. When I turn on first the pc the audio icon it is on the task bar . The Realtek audio card works fine it says but when i open the peripheral's driver' property it says that its driver it is enable but does not work properly. I updated the audio card drivers from Realtek . Th pc came with the OS and motherbord's software. So I reformattated even the harddisk and reinstalled all drivers. The sound still does'n appear at my first start of the pc. PLus when I tried to reinstall a Pinnacle PC UB2 tuner an icon opens and says my pc has no usb2 host controller. How can I know it has or not? And why priviously I could use the same usb2 tv tuner without any problem?
  2. From Event Log I get these messages: Aplication: Windows saved user %1 registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use. Windows cannot unload your classes registry file - it is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use. Hanging application %1, version %2, hang module %3, version %4, hang address 0x%5. System: PLug and PLay Spource: Timed out sending notification of device interface change to window of "%1" Service Control Manager: Timeout (%1 milliseconds) waiting for a transaction response from the %2 service.
  3. Hi guys Finally I managed to do clean install but the problems still persists: cannot use firewire and very slow uploading of the windows components. Plus the I have to restart in order to have the sound on. The name of the computer is Reckon, motherbord foxconn and the Graphic card is ATi Radeon Xpress 200 series. I reinstalled all drivers but in vane
  4. Hi Jeremy I made a new repair install with XP Home SP2 that came with my PC and when it asked for those files I could not find them on the CD. I did all updates for sp2 from internet and I removed previously all programs that might have caused this dam long boot time. But even after I did all updates recomanded by Microsoft site I could not still find those files required during the repair install time. !!!!!!????? One of files is this: iswconn.ex_
  5. Hi Jeremy I have no Norton stuff installed. I used jv16 PowerTools 2006's Registry Cleaner as you said to defragment the hdd. I rebooted, it's even worse. It takes 2 loooong minutes to start. This pc I bought a few days ago came with a cd containg windows Xp Home Edition that contains sp2 as well. I tried to reinstall but at some point it asked me to insert the cd containg sp2.....So I skipped the files the sistem was asking me ignoring the warning that without them Windows will malfunction. But why did not pick them up off the same CD if it says it contains them? Ahgggrrrrrr gimmmi a gun
  6. Hi Whenever I start my new pc it takes a long time to start. In the end it starts but it runs slowly. I have an 3gb Pentium with 1gb ram running xp home edition, sp2. Also sometimes the audio is on , sometimes is off and I have to restart to have it on. Why the audio icon is not all the time on the menu bar when I start it and what can I do to make it work faster?
  7. I think so. In device manager it reads: Controller host bus IEEE 1394 Controller host OHCI compatible ieee 1394 ......and that the device works properly Ref to Windows picking up your PCI FireWire card automatically I must say it does not detect any new device automatically.!!??!!?? This might be the key my trouble the firewire card. Why my xp does not detect automatically a new device?
  8. Hi Jeremy I used theULead editing stuff that came with the firewire card and and the Magix I had and now windv ,too, with no result. WinDv says 'no device could be found'. When I download from my videocam using the usb it works so the the videocamera should be set up in windows.......isn't it? How can I check up if my videocamera is properly set up in Windows?
  9. hI GUYS I bought a Hamlet firewire PCI adapter, ieee 1394a, in order to help me downloading my video from a Samsung videocam. I have a pentium 4 pc running XP home editon, service pack2 . After I have inserted the firewire card into one of the motheboard slots and installed the drivers required I tried to download my films out of the videocam but none of my DV capture and editing software could do it. QWhy?
  10. Hi guys How can I watch my filmat in 3gp format downloaded from my mobile phone for windows media player 10 that I have cannot readi it? Thanks
  11. Yes I pluged in the keyboard and nothing happens... Tried other stuff with the same result!!!!
  12. HI I have bought an usb hub and it doesn't work at all. why ? my laptop does not recognise it.
  13. Thanks to all I have got from a friend the original CD, reinstalled and removed it all together successfully.
  14. or that... lol I've tried with the Removal tool but I couldn't remove it. Instead now whenever I turn on the com it appears on the screen a message saying it's impossible to run a program for it's missing a file: S32STAT.DLL How can I stop displaying that message now? I don't have anymore the original CD to reinstall it.
  15. Hi I have installed an Norton Utilities 2002 on my com but when I try from Ad\Remove panel to uninstall it I cann't do it. It says: C:Programs\Norton Utilities\Uninst.isu. not valid, the data is crrupted and the uninstall will be interupted What can I do in order to remve it
  16. I did so and solved the problem Many thanks
  17. I cannot change the home page. I have now : http://www.google.it/ ......but I cannot change it anymore and also I cannot see at all the pages I saw before.
  18. Hi I have porblems with Expoerer 6 so how can I repair & restore it?
  19. Hi Is there any pos to remove corrupted files? I have installed a web cam soft. and after a while when I've tried to remove it some files couldn't be deleted. It says they are corrupted and access to them is denied...
  20. Well, I removed AV Norton and now everything is running fast and smooth but I am not sure if Norton was the problem!!!!! Thanks boooooggy anyway
  21. miti

    file missing

    Yes you're right LLXX but can I use safely only online free AV? I had just bought this useless NAV 2006 that slow down everyhtig.....and it cost me 80$ am not that rich to throw away money. It's so frustrating
  22. Hi I cannot listen anymore anyhting nor with W Media player nor with Realplayer either...I still can listen only at TV Tunner.....I have priviously cancelled some files from REGEDIT. I guess I might have wrongly cancelled some important ones for W M PLayer functionning. What Can I do? Thanks
  23. miti

    file missing

    Everything is okay now. I have solved it with Ad-Aware SE Personal A lot of thanks to you x-centric
  24. miti

    file missing

    I have run a virus scan with Norton and it did not reveal anyhting....I have also run one with Windows Live Safety Center but nothing.....the problem persists still. Is it pos to get a ad-ware scan from the web without any risk? I have run a virus scan with Norton and it did not reveal anyhting....I have also run one with Windows Live Safety Center but nothing.....the problem persists still. Is it pos to get a ad-ware scan from the web without any risk?
  25. miti

    file missing

    Hi I am a newbee and my peoblem with my xp is that whenever I turn on my notebook it appears on the monitor the following message : missing file "C:\WINDOWS\_p9hEPQkbj.exe" Now how can I know which program has used or is now requiring this missing file? many thanks miti

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