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  1. On the XPCreate site, it says that "When run, XPCREATE connects to an Internet server to obtain a list of hotfixes that must be downloaded for your Windows version. This list will be used to determine which files must be downloaded from the Internet, and which files are already present locally." "...for my Windows version." Which version is referred to here? Does XPCreate check the XP installation of the computer on which I'm running XPCreate? The reason I ask is because I would like to use the ISO CD which I'm going to build using XPCreate to install XP on a different computer, with different hardware, than the one on which I'm running XPcreate. So if I'm running XPcreate on Computer-1, but I want to use the ISO image that I'm building to install XP Pro on Computer-2, what good will it have been for XPcreate to check which files are "present locally", since files which are present locally on Computer-1 won't necessarilly be present on Computer-2 ? Have I misunderstood what XPCreate does?

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