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  1. aelfwyne: Run the setup file with /extract:<PATH> with <PATH> being the path where you want the files to be copied to. Also you can run the setup file with /? to vie the possible parameters.
  2. I didn't find an option that automatically selects all available features. Regarding the Dialog Window: I managed to create a script that can be integrated into an unattended setup to automatically click the button. The only problem is, that if you deploy Office 2007 with SMS 2003 for instance, the script won't work, since the gui will not be visible to the user. And this is basically my problem,... I can't get it to work with SMS 2003. However, here is the script: Dim objWSHShell, objExec Set objWSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") On Error Resume Next ' Wait for Uninstall ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set objExec = objWSHShell.Exec("setup.exe") WScript.Sleep 500 ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- waitForWindow "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Beta)" objWSHShell.SendKeys "{ENTER}" ' <install> WScript.Sleep 500 ' Wait for the setup to finish Do While objExec.Status = 0 WScript.Sleep 500 Loop ' Quit this script WScript.Quit ' Waits until the window appears or quits after 30 seconds SUB waitForWindow( Title ) i = 0 DO bActive = objWSHShell.AppActivate( Title ) WScript.Sleep 1000 i = i + 1 LOOP UNTIL bActive = TRUE OR i > 30 WScript.Sleep 100 END SUB
  3. Hi there, after I found out, that I just have to execute my OPPLUS-DE.EXE and grab the contents after unpacking from my temp dir befor cancelling the installation, I was able to alter the config.xml file the way you suggested. ;-) However, I still get a dialog window asking whether to install or to alter settings. Even with Display Level = "none". When I click install, the whole process takes place unattended as expected. When choosing to alter settings I see, that my changes in the config.xml are working. Any ideas why I still get this dialog? Regards, Chris.