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  1. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Hey erpdude8, Thanks for the reply. I see that the_guy is still active in the forums. I hope he will soon still address what are probably the last of any issues with the unofficial SP, it's coming up on 2 years in progress. Being an advanced user, I was already aware of the statemgr (and any other 'hampers' in the startup) and System Restore is off. Specifically, I cannot get the 'Cookies' and 'History' 'working' folders moved to another partition, without SFP re-building or still locking them to the OS on C partition. I didn't have any trouble with moving the 'Recent', 'Temp' or 'Temp Internet Files' folders to partition E. Six years ago, with some reg trick info I had run across on the internet/forums (I was too naive to make myself a 'real note' of the reg fix at that time (I keep plenty of detailed notes now lol), I just did the fix to my OEM Compaq WinMe laptop and moved all those folders to partition E and happily hopped along. daaah). I have also tried modifying the reg entries directly that direct to the folders locations, they get reset. The fix was either a DWORD or String Value, either added or changed, possibly a 'no run' or 'no load'. I've been trying to track the fix down for a year+ now, trying to duplicate my laptop setup. One more question/fix. At startup there is the System BIOS screen, then Windows Me, then a flash with the Windows Me screen again, then the desktop. Again it was another tip/fix I had run across on the internet/forums that stopped the second Windows Me screen from appearing, allowing one to see the 'real' screen that would show messages, such as 'Please wait while Setup updates your Configuration Files, this may take a few minutes. Completed updating files, continuing to load Windows...' screen. Have you any ideas as how to fix/set this screen action so that the second Windows Me startup screen does not show? Thanks for any help, txagpilot
  2. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Hey dencorso, Thanks for the reply. Step #5 you mention disabling SFP on WinMe (not as easy to find as with Win98). I forgot how (it's been awhile since I did it to WinMe on my laptop). If I remember correctly, it was a register value that had to be changed. Could you please give me a refresher heads-up on the registry key to change. Thanks, txagpilot
  3. Service Pack for Windows ME

    I had already tried twice, in two different ways, in re-installing the dictionary from the CD. One way (twice done) was already having the dictionary installed prior to installing the SP, then un-installing it and re-installing it. Same error. The other way (twice done) was by NOT having the dictionary installed, installing the SP, then installing the dictionary. Same error. In both scenarios, the install(s) did not have any problem, the error appeared in all instances upon launching the program. These un-installs and installs were also carefully triple cross-checked by MS RegClean, jv16 PowerTools, and SystemSuite Registry Cleaner for any components left behind in the registry that might have caused any error, as well as checking the HD for any files or folders left behind. I had noted in my original post that this was a new rig I had custom build. I should add that the OS install was done with a new MS-CD of Windows Millennium purchased 9/12/3, and that I had 137 other programs installed at that point, the dictionary being the only one with error. If I can be of any help in resolving the matter, please respond with any requests. Thank you for the response erpdude8.
  4. Service Pack for Windows ME

    The new WinMe SP has caused the same errors as the 3 previous unofficial SP versions I have tried. When I try to open the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which I use a lot, I get this popup (***** MWEBCD - "FATAL ERROR: Unable to find the dictionary file!" *****). I also tried un-installing the SP from Add/Remove Programs and ,again, get this same error during the reboot: "Error loading gdi.exe. You must reinstall Windows." I re-imaged, again, so all is well. These install attempts (installing only the updates & hotfixes) are being tried on a new rig I recently had built, it's still an 'internet virgin', no other updates. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching for the next unofficial release.