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  1. thank you for your response to my addon questions. i am not sure how to to send boot.ini file from last session maybe someone can explain.as to what addons i am trying to add they are from rado54 list. addaware-avg-flash-shockwave-c-cleaner-explorer 7.i have them in a folder on my desk . i go to add hotfix then insert then to my folder and double click the addon i want it shows up in my nlite hotfix list. then i repeat the process for next addon when done i go back to make my changes in my windows applications. thank you yery much for for your input. stonewall
  2. please help!! i goto hot fixes and updates page then insert then to where i have addons stored and double click the addon and it goes into hotfix window then i go back to different page to remove some windows components such as windows tour and i add explorer icon to desk top. then i set up my unattended and then create iso. my iso come out without a problem but none of the addons or changes i have made are present on the new cd. any help anyone can give to me will be greatly appreciated. thank to all in advance STONEWALL
  3. ryan update k2147z does anyone know why this download does not go into nlite i need help!. any input will be appreciated. stonewall
  4. i am not sure if i am posting in the right place if not please let me know. i have downloaded ryan update to my desktop but when i go to my desktop with nlite i do not see the update. should i be able to just download the file and intergrate directly into nlite or am i missing some steps any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance stonewall
  5. thank you very much for your replies to my question GREAT PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM.!! stonewall
  6. nlite member rado 354 has provided a list of addon downloads for nlitesome of which i would like to use. my question is if i just intergrate these into my hot fix section list will they end up as installed programs when i am finished or do i have to add switches or something. i am trying to make my own unattended win\xp cd and could use all the advice i can get, any input will be greately appreciated. thank you stonewall
  7. mrblinkt thank you for takeing the time to answer my post.have a good holiday. stonewall2
  8. can someone please tell me how to get the boot image i need off of my xp\cd . thanks in advance stonewall

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