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    Requested feature

    Sorry if this was previously posted. I've tried several iterations of vLite and more the most part I like it but find it confusing in deciding what choices to make. My feature request is to provide a basic (dummies) interface for us less inclined users. When starting the application, I would like to see two choices, beginner and advanced. Advanced would show the current interface while Beginner would, for example, display a wizard asking the user how they use their PC. Thx!
  2. You're probably right about the name of the file. I have Spy Sweeper and it ran a complete sweep the other day and did find a issue that it quanentined; I’ll run another sweep tonight. I found some info on trojans so I’ll look into more deeply tonight.
  3. I uninstalled then reinstalled Outlook but same issue. I tried Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird but had the same issue. Any other suggestions?
  4. In the last two weeks, my Outlook stopped working. I've talked with my ISP (Time Warner Cable) and they can't find out what's wrong. They suggest that the issue could be a corrupt file called "wsoft32.dll" if I heard the tech correctly. Whenever I test the account settings, I get the message "Log onto incoming mail server (pop3): The specified server was found but there was no response from the server." Any ideas?
  5. auutumn

    New Skins

    Are there new skins for XPize? I just installed Microsoft Media Player 11 beta and I love the default skin so I would love to see similiar skins for XPize. If this isn't already available, can you PLEASE implement it. Thx in advance.
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