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  1. Thanx. I'm -of course- very interested in the last part of your Message at he moment. If you'd lik to write personally: (1 of) my Email-Adress(es)are on the Bottom. My Server is 1 computer, standalone. The Enterprise version was put on my computer by a friend and I have a copy of the cd. Right now I'm at a Sort of Offfice, which I will have to leave at 11.30 hour, and I can be back in the first half of the Afternoon. If there are any Programs to be downloaded and burned on cd, I could do that at the place where I followed a computer-course. Hope I gave enough info for to give info. E-mail: JojoUtrecht@hotmail.com
  2. To start the server in Safe Mode = In the safe mode I have to logon too. ...as this will not then interrogate the domain SAM. = I don't understand what/who is SAM? You may also create a virtual server on another machine, join it to the domain, DCPromo it, and then modify the domain settings that way= Even if I found another Machine, I dont't think I know the Domain name, and DCPromo etc = ??? Color = Quote Thanx for the Reaction
  3. I tried to repair my internet connection in a management console, and have accidently shut myself out. When I startup my computer, and get to the logon page, I get his message "The local Policy of the System does not pemit you to logon interactively". Reïnstall Windows Server 2003 Enerprise doesn't work, because it won't work under DOS. Can anyone help me? I heard I might try to boot from a distance (from another computer who also has Server 2003). Never done this and don't know anyone and don't have another computer. Please give an advice or otherwise Greetings, Jojo Utrecht The netherlands

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