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  1. The XP Discs (Original XP Pro, Copy of Original XP Pro and four different unattended XP discs) are fine. I even copied the entire contents of the disc to my HDD and also created an Image out of them just to make sure data could be read. Anyway I slice it I can't believe that all of a sudden 6 XP discs have suddenly all been rendered useless due to scratches. I already knew of the XP floppy boot option, But thank you all the same. Anyone else??
  2. Hi.. So recently I've been messing around with Ubuntu. Well today I finally managed to mess up the MBR and had to use my XP Pro CD (Original) to do just that. I get the usual 'Press any key to boot CD' message and then the all too familliar 'Setup is inspecting your computers hardware' message. Then the screen goes blank and that's it. This happens with every XP disc I own. It is not a hardware problem because I can succefully boot various Linux CDs and my trusty Windows 2000 install CD. They all work without a hitch. But anything XP chokes and dies. Does anyone have the slightest clue as to what's going on? Or what course of action I may take to regain my XP booting privellage? Thanks in advance for any help ...
  3. Hello .. The Problem: I logged on to my XP account this morning and went through the usual task of entering my User Account password. Before the system logged on, It halted and popped up a box informing me that my Account password will expire in 14 days. This is odd because this acount was set never to expire, Infact any account I make is set not to expire. Rectifying the situation was easy and after a reboot that dialog box was gone. I guess my question is: What could cause XP to change something as critical as an account password expiry option? I scanned the system for viruses (AVG Free) and did the obligatory Spyware scan (Adaware+Spybot) and got a clean bill of health. I even went as far as scanning with 'Rootkit Revealer' just as an extra added precaution. Any Thoughts? Thanks ..
  4. Lol, Well I'll be damned. You're absoloutly right. It's times like this when you know you need to renew your glasses. Thank you, And sorry to have wasted your time on what can only be called 'A silly typo'. Shokran Ya Ma'allem ..
  5. Well first off, Yes, The WMP10 executable is a switchless installer downloaded from unattended.msfn.org. The only reason I left it with its original filename was because the guide said to. But I can see your point, being that it is the first on the list, Maybe not being in 8.3 caused Windows to overlook the whole thing. Ok maybe I'm going blind here but those look identical, Do you mind pointing out the difference? Thanks for the help Mazin. Mansouri? Agda'a Nass ..
  6. Thanks for the replies .. @Mazin : Yes, I did add [OptionalSourceDirs] to dosnet.inf. I also made sure that all the hotfixes were renamed to a 8.3 filename format. And NO, WMP10 was not installed. I also deleted the original SVCPACK.IN_ in the i386 Folder. Here is a copy of my SVCPACK.INI file, Maybe you can spot something I didn't. Thank you for your time. ;Windows XP [Version] Signature="Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\SVCPACK" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] [SetupHotfixesToRun] MP10Setup.exe KB873339.EXE /q /n /z KB885250.EXE /q /n /z KB885626.EXE /q /n /z KB885835.EXE /q /n /z KB885836.EXE /q /n /z KB886185.EXE /q /n /z KB888113.EXE /q /n /z KB888302.EXE /q /n /z KB890046.EXE /q /n /z KB890859.EXE /q /n /z KB891781.EXE /q /n /z KB893066.EXE /q /n /z KB893756.EXE /q /n /z KB893803.exe /q /n /z KB894391.EXE /q /n /z KB896358.EXE /q /n /z KB896422.EXE /q /n /z KB896423.EXE /q /n /z KB896428.EXE /q /n /z KB896688.EXE /q /n /z KB898461.exe /q /n /z KB899587.EXE /q /n /z KB899589.EXE /q /n /z KB899591.EXE /q /n /z KB900725.EXE /q /n /z KB901017.EXE /q /n /z KB901214.EXE /q /n /z KB902400.EXE /q /n /z KB904706.EXE /q /n /z KB905414.EXE /q /n /z KB905749.EXE /q /n /z KB905915.EXE /q /n /z KB908519.EXE /q /n /z KB908531.EXE /q /n /z KB910437.EXE /q /n /z KB911562.EXE /q /n /z KB911564.EXE /q /n /z KB911565.EXE /q /n /z KB911927.EXE /q /n /z KB912812.EXE /q /n /z KB912919.EXE /q /n /z KB913433.exe /Q:A /R:N KB913446.EXE /q /n /z KB913580.exe /q /n /z KB914389.exe /q /n /z KB916281.exe /q /n /z KB917344.exe /q /n /z KB917734.exe /q /n /z KB917953.exe /q /n /z KB918439.exe /q /n /z QCHAIN.EXE
  7. Hello, Problem: XP unattended disc does not install any updates located in /i386/SVCPACK. After the Install I rechecked to make sure all was in order. Everything was, However, The only two exceptions with this install disc are : - I included the switchless installer of WMP10 in SVCPACK and added it as first entry in SVCPACK.INF - Im using a new XP source disc. It's XP pro but unlike any I've worked with, This one reports back as being version 2180 instead of the usual 2600. In SVCPACK.INF, there is an entry for the OS name and version. My INF reads version as being 2600 even though XP itself reports back as 2180. Could this descreprancy between versions be the cause SVCPACK didn't install? Everything else went fine and fully unattended. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. That did it allen2. Thank you very much for the assistance, It's much appreciated.
  9. The Problem: I have about 1400 Zip files that i need to unzip. Obviously doing this manually would drive me up the wall. The Soloution: To use Winrar's Commandline Interface to automatically extract the archives for me. The BIG Problem: I set about looking up how I could do this through the commandline and found out RAR can use <Listfiles> to obtain the list of files needed to be extracted. I made a list of the files for extraction and saved them as list.lst in the Winrar installation directory, Set the Winrar Directory as an Environment variable and typed in the following at a commandline: RAR x @list.lst RAR returned that is could not find List.lst . I tried the same command with list.lst in C: and in the directory that contained all the Zipped archives I wish to extract. I also tried RAR x @list.lst E:\Dir\Subdir\ RAR x @ E:\Dir\Subdir\ RAR x *.* E:\Dir\Subdir\ I also tried the e Command. Anything I try returns the same results, That it cannot open the file specified "List.lst" and that the system could not find the file specified. Can anyone point me in the right direction here, Everytime I read the manual it looks like I'm doing it all right and the Net is scarce on tutorials regarding <listfiles..> Thanks for reading.
  10. Er .. Thanks for the input Crol. And yes Iceman, I can boot from the Original XP Disc as previously mentioned. I think I'll just make a new ISO.
  11. Twenty One views and not a single reply. Is this problem that uncommon??
  12. Hi. I recently upgraded my computer to an AMD 64. I upgraded the Mobo (SIS) too and now my Unattended Install CD no longer works. I made the CD on my old system which consisted of a Gigabyte (Via) mobo and a PIII Celeron 1 Ghz. The CD won't even boot. Error on booting then a bunch of numbers at the bottom right of the screen. Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know what's going on? The original XP CD boots just fine. Thanks.
  13. Hi. I've been having a strange problem since my last install, Maybe someone here can help me out. Problem: ---------- After a (Re)boot, Both the volume and Network Icons are missing in the system tray. Note that they are missing, Not hiding. In order to get them back I have to go into 'Sounds and Audio Devices' in Control Panel and recheck 'Show volume Icon on Taskbar'. This makes both icons reappear in Systray. I have to repeat this proccess everytime I boot or reboot. I've searched around abit and haven't really found anyone else having the same problem. I did try a piece of advice from annoyances.org and disabled SSDP recovery service and Universal plug and play service. But that hasn't worked. I've looked through error report and can't find anything that would lead me to an answer. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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