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  1. Given that I had this problem on Vista with Creative drivers for the Audigy, and they went away after switching to the onboard realtek chip, I've got to imagine that this hotfix is meant to address bad drivers, and not a code problem (per se) in audiodg.exe. It's heavily prevalent with Creative drivers (and very old SoundMax drivers seemed to be bad at this too, at least in Vista while I was testing), it would seem.Also, given that redistributing Microsoft binaries is technically a violation of the EULA, you just need to open a support case from the link in the KB and get a support person to send you the binary. It will be a free case as it's about a hotfix, anyway. ahh yeah did not really think about the EULA since it was just a fix... figured save the 2 hours on phone lol.... from what I can understand of the problem it has something to do with a combination of both creative and Microsoft.... tho I dunno that I really care that much where the fault lies they just need to fix it... sick of audiodg.exe drowning in GB's of memory lol
  2. Been poking around on creatives forums and a couple of other places, seems that the hotfix is not working for many people....(a.k.a. memory leak / high CPU usage continue anyway) Assuming that there is some truth behind "bad drivers" which everyone thought it was... maybe it was actually both which is why the hotfix is not working (or the hotfix sucks lol) have you had any memory leaks since applying it? also any chance of you tossing that file anywhere? found a post on creative's forums where a guy got the hotfix but took him more than an hour on the phone to get it lol... would rather not do that. They posted a rapid share link with it, but the link seems busted (just gets stuck loading...might get fixed later...just so sick of restarting the windows Audio service over and over so it does not gobble up all 8 GB of my ram) edit: got rapidshare link to work ... only took 30 minutes to find out that sometimes you need to add "www" to the front of rapidshare links when they timeout.... lol...saved at least 45 minutes of phone time tho lol applied the fix and... it CHANGED NOTHING!!! leak still happening lol... jumped on poker stars and watched as my memory got gobbled up by audiodg.exe! .... sort of disappointing... but maybe that is why they took down the fix.
  3. really? I got nothing back, that is quite lame I guess I will try again, need it for x64 windows 7 is that the same that you requested? maybe the fix is problematic for one version of the os or another... like maybe for x64 they are not sending it out Edit: ok looked under your name and it says your info I am an id*** lol, I have read reports of the fix not working, did it work for you?
  4. @fizban2 - i didn't checked anything yet on forum, i've assumed that when new drivers are rlsed few days ago it would be the working ones since i read about XFi problems ages/months ago. @dale5605 - i will buy 2gb ram, dual core and best graphics card there is if i will know it will be usefull for anything else then just simple system and to get Winamp running. If i can't have Vista running with just Winamp open and i can't then go thru dirs on hdd because it's causing problems with playing music then something is wrong. If i have to buy new hw and see that the system takes 30% and rest is for games or anything else it's preety bad. My hardware setup ain't that bad yet, i installed Vista to test few things and i am dissapointed for now. I don't even want to mention that when i play music and i start Media Center in ultimate vista then the music is hardly playing anymore. I am realy afraid to even start games with my current setup on Vista even thou on WinXP they were working quite nice and i could play newest F.E.A.R without problems. Audiodg.exe is at fault as well a few other audio based dll files from Vista/ windows 7/ windows server 2008 Info here: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;981013 Seriously makes me wanna slap someone they they let this go on since Vista up to now..... Best thing to do is for applications which drive up CPU usage / memory of audiodg.exe do the "disable audio enhancements" trick, although it is stupid.. since it makes you wonder why you bought a sound card to begin with.. there is a fix available, but you have to request it. I did but I have heard nothing back, I hope someone else gets that hotfix and posts it somewhere because I REALLY REALLY want it
  5. Here is what I figured out so far how to make Canon Raw files and DNG thumbnails viewable in explorer x64 without paying 29.95 a codec (60 dollars is stupid to spend on something which should be already free): http://forums.adobe.com/message/1887701#1887701 read that post first.... was going to re-post it here in a trimmed down form... but I figured... hell might as well just link it. Now what I would like to do is ... well basically make a button for explorer x64 that forces generation of thumbnails in the current directory with explorer x86 (that WOW version) or a Shortcut that will just refresh the thumbnails for a given directory..... or something else which will remove the need to scroll around like a jackass with Explorer x86 until thumbnails are made. Thoughts ... ideas?...flames?
  6. Basically.. just as the topic says.... Does anyone know of an upgraded Dictionary / Thesarus for Office 2k3? I mean it's not bad... but ... not that great at the same time. I figure someone has to have made an upgrade for it.... and if no one has made an upgraded version of the Dictionary and/or Thesaurus... anyone wanna start workin on a Free one with me?
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