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  1. Note the system is XP home nor. When I try to run this command with my dell xp home cd it demands I put in a nor pro sp2 cd, so I did but it just prompted me and said it was wrong cd. If there is no other ways of cleaning it I would like to just reinstall windows. The two files in question was identified by windows as sytem files and was therefore not removed by clamwin. But when i saw the folder name I understood they where far from it. So I have removed these now, but i think the system I's far from clean.
  2. command.exe and asappsrv.dll have been infected with som s*** and I need to replace them with the originals. Where do I find them on my windows cd?clamav_report_031206_161943.txt
  3. Hello, I need to gather the names of all objects in a directory as there is 209 of them i don't want to type. Could someone help me in creating a batch file to use in cmd or maybe someone got another way? I just want all the names of files and directories stored in a plain text file. I've looked at the availeable commands but don't have the knowledge to save the text output. When you tell windows to index a disk is it possible to retrive parts of the index?
  4. Thanks very much Mordac85 and xp2600. I altered the ip range of the lan to include after resetting the settings of the router. Those commands worked brilliantly, does anybody know about a nice website that may learn me more of such?
  5. To me it seems the dell computer need all it's network connections reset. Does anyone got a cmd command for that?
  6. assigned ips: and network mask: for both gateway: Dicovered that the other machine a dell wich I am not familiar with list a mach adress behind a second ip adress row in ipconfig concerning ethernet. And ipconfig list additionaly two tunneling cards with machs as ips.
  7. The router is DHCP server and both machines are set to receive ip from it. I reset the switch again and then the machine that was connected to port 3 did not get a connection, i connected it to port for and it still wouldn't connect so i removed the cable of a currently unused machine and put it there port 1 and i got a connection. But the problem is still here. I tried to set up one machine to be a ftp server, but client was unable to connect. It seems all interaction between systems through the switch is denied.
  8. I am not able to ping the other machine in any way. But I was able to ping the router.
  9. Windows firewall service is disabled on both machines.
  10. When i type the computer name or it's ip in the explorers adress bar I am rejected with the message asking me to check my spelling. Both the server and computer browser services are running on both machines. the one got Norton Internet Annoyance installed but I have turned of it's personal firewall. The computers are hooked to eachother through a Billion Bipac 5102 router/switch, might this in any way cause the problems as it was reset to factory defaults in the time between me using the file sharing possibility and the discovery of it's malfunctioning. What might the problem be?
  11. The message I got was "Stop: 0x0000007b (0xf78d2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
  12. Hei A few days ago I decided to format my computer, but when i tried to install XP on my computer again it didn't get further then "Setup is starting Windows" before it crashed. After that I tried to start it in Fail Safe Defaults, but I got the same blue screan I have also tried booting XP directly from CD, but also then it crashed. What could be the problem? My machine configuration CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Main Board: MSI 915 p Neo2 platinum edition Memory: 2x 124 DDR 2 533mhz Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce 6200 turbocache I also have TV tuner card ATI Saphire Theatrix
  13. I know the installer archived some files before upgrading to sp1 and later 2 but now I am running out of space and would like someone to tell me how I clear these files. And if anybody got them tips to reduce the space windows is utilising even farther.

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