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  1. OVERCLOCKING my BFG 7800 GSoc...

    Yeah, in terms of the CORE OC I got I'm really satisfied with it, it was just on the VRAM that I was disapointed... Hell, I'll see what I can do and if I fry it, well... I got a nice little waranty that covers it
  2. OVERCLOCKING my BFG 7800 GSoc...

    TNX nitroshift!
  3. RAID disks and fragmentation...

    Well, thats a good way to look at it when O&O moves large files for no good reason! Maybe its time I give DISKEEPER another chance at it since its been so long! I really dont know if there is a performance increase by running a COMPLETE defrag or just a STEALTH one... I only tried a COMPLETE one up to this date (it seemed a good choice a the time) First, I'll see if there is a difference between a STEALTH defrag and a COMPLETE method, and then if there is no MAJOR improvements i'll give DISKEEPER a try TNX for the info guys
  4. looking for a video card

    Hi Brian, unfortunatly for you I dont think that investing in a new video card is worth it... Your brother's board is pretty old and from my opinion it's the board that is the problem! ATI's 9200 isnt the best card to do 3D, in fact its a super budget video card that was suposed to offer good performances with a low initial cost and yes, it is slow no matter what AGP timings you run it! But your main problem is something called a "bottle neck" caused by the board... Your board cant push data to the other components fast enough to deliver a good performance! My best advice would be to upgrade the system entirely with something that has a little more punch but still in the budget category... But remember one thing, when your buying a motherboard dont go too far in the budget category because its the main thing that causes the system to lag! get a good board with a decent (but budgeted) CPU and some good (but still budget size) memory. for a good budget video card I would recommand that you go with nVidia instead of ATI... More bang for the buck! And if you want to follow my advice with an upgrade then I recommand ASUS for the board and something like a budget oriented OCZ memory kit. Hope this helps a little
  5. Hi all... I am in search a a little more juice from my rig and I need help with some OCing! I have a brand spanking new BFG7800GSOC 256Mb GDDR3 AGP and I just hit a wall when I try to overclock it! Using the nVidia driver 84.43 and the OC utility in it I was able to get: 480mhz core clock!! 1300mhz mem clock!! Now the problem is that I know that the card can go much higher than this, I talked to somebody that a guy OCed his card up to 500mhz core clock 1400mhz mem clock But since the guy in question dont know how his friend OCed it Im stuck! If I try to push it further the nVidia utility doesnt pass the test and immediately returns to the old setings... Now... Should I try jacking up the AGP frequency or voltage to be able to go further with the OCing of my BFG or Im am stuck there?? Same thing with CPU and RAM but got a pretty good OC on those so Im satisfied (for the moment ) PLEASE SHOW ME THE PATH!!!
  6. RAID disks and fragmentation...

    Tnx for the quick response on this snafumaster... But I am quit pleased with how O&O works and I don't want to get into buying another defragmenter at this time, just wanted help about the way I should defragment the drives... by NAME or by ACCESS I tried an outdated version of DISKEEPER ENTERPRISE about a year ago (its not the version you have now Im quite sure but still) I wasnt impressed about the way it worked, rearranged the files and all. Tnx anyway for your comment, I will keep your suggestions in mind and maybe retest the new version of DISKEEPER... B)
  7. RAID disks and fragmentation...

    Hi all, I have 3 quick questions... I have been new to the world of RAID-0, my system is running with it since about a month or so. I have noticed that my RAID-0 drives get fragmented very easily over a short period of time... I was, and still using O&O defragmenter (I had no probs with it before and it does a superb job reorganising files) So my question is, is there something special with a RAID disk setup that fragment the files or is it my way of reorganising them??? How do you keep things well organised and lightening speed accessable?? (with O&O I use a "COMPLETE/NAME" way to optimse the disks... there are also "COMPLETE/SPACE" and "COMPLETE/ACCESS") P.S.: since I had a problem with the NVRAIDSERVICE and deinstalled it I cant access O&O anymore... Says the machine actively refuse the connection! Anyone has any idea why??
  8. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi Fernando 1... Im newbie here and I wanted to know if its possible to "repair" the nvraid without doing a full reinstallation of WinXP... I keep getting an error message when I boot up saying that the nvraidservice is closing and I fear that my raid setup is no longer running to full speed because of this! (boot ups takes an eternity since the service is not starting and performance in many games are very poor even with my machine) And is it possible to "integrate" the SP2 with the nvraid integration as well?? I have a: 3800+ AMD64 GIGA K8NSC-939 BFG 7800GS 256 2Gb "kit" OCZ 667mhz ram 2 80Gb SATA-RAID for OS, install files and games 1 250Gb WD for multimedia 1 40Gb for BACKUPs of the OS partition Please help me with this one... I need my RAID running smoothly!!! TNX