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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks to all you folks for taking the time to find and support this solution. Fernando, your ongoing support of this has been fantastic to read and I really appreciate how it has helped me. This solution worked for me. I have an MSI Neo2 Platinum Ultra nforce3 based motherboard. With the latest main BIOS, my nvraid shows up with bios version 4.81. I ended up using the legacy drivers from the 6.70 nforce drivers. To be honest, I have read the instructions on the main page regarding the steps for users with an nvraid BIOS older than 4.84 and I still don't quite follow them. I'm think they are instructing users to copy the legacy files from 6.70 into the sataraid folder of 6.53, but I'm not sure to what advantage since the legacy files themselves appear to work on my BIOS and also appear to be a newer version than those in the 6.53 folders. One thing that I have observed is that going back to make any kind of changes to a previous nlite session resulted in either errors copying files during the Windows installation process or the blue screen problem returning. I was never able to go back and get a previously created session to work properly. However, starting a completely new session always got things back on track. While it is more time consuming, it seems much more reliable. If it helps others, I ultimately integrated the following drivers into my nlite install: From the nforce3 5.11 package from Nvidia I included: GART MEMCTL SMBUS From the nforce4 6.70 package from nvidia I included: IDE/WINXP/legacy AudioDrv Ethernet From RealTek's website, I downloaded a driver package named "ndis51-pci(641).zip" for the second onboard NIC and included that. The Ethernet and Audio drivers from 5.11 seemed to be buggy, the ethernet driver in particular which is astonishingly bad, causing blue screens when you do pretty much anything with the driver, including install the adapter, disable the adapter and uninstall the adapter. The nforce4 versions of drivers for these components worked much better for me. Thanks again to everybody for putting this together!