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  1. I recently upgraded several servers from Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003. The servers are all running however, on some servers (not all) I can't open the Networking properties. Also, 2 of the tabs are gone from System Properties box. I can't even open the Networking properties from the command prompt. I've updated the OS to the latest patches and hotfixes to no avail. This is very strange and I'm having problems finding a resolution to this problem. Has anybody else run into this issue and how do I fix it? HELP! This is driving me nutz!!!
  2. Uhh, maybe your source is bad? Just a thought, try recreating the UI with a fresh source. Copying a bad explorer.exe leaves you with a bad explorer.exe. Nlite won't tell you if your files a good or bad. Sounds like a pain but I've run into a similar situation and it was a bad source not the driver paks.
  3. I wish you guys would learn the difference between "Freeware" and "Demoware". WinINSTALL LE is NOT free!!! It's a demo unless you PAY for it. It is limited to 15 days of operation AND it installs a 15 day time limit on any packages you create. That's fine if all you are doing is testing stuff, but it's no good if you only do this kind of stuff every once-in-a-while, like me. There aren't many apps that don't come with a .msi, it's just those few that have to be downloaded fron the NET that need to be repackaged. But seriously, learn the difference! If I'm wrong on this, send me the link to the FREE WinINSTALL LE.
  4. HELP!!! I'm looking for a tool that will convert a SETUP.EXE type file to a SETUP.MSI file. I'm trying to save my company some $$$ so I'm looking for something FREE (or at least cheap) and EASY to use. I need to create some Group Policies to install special software over the network. To do so, I need to have these programs setup from a .MSI. I'm going nutz trying to find a program that will do what I'm wanting. Any help here would be appreciated greatly. Thanks, DrWho_64 A.K.A. Gordon Freeman (I look like him)
  5. You know, for like 70 bucks you can buy Ghost 10. It boots from its own CD and it will install a Ghost 2003 image without a problem. You can copy the disc a few times and run multiple images at the same time. I used to do the exact same thing in a school that you did and I used (I think) Ghost 5.1. But that version isn't NTFS friendly. Your best bet is to go to OfficeMax and buy a new copy OR Clone the drives 1 at a time on your test machine. Just remember to change the Name and IP address(If Static) BEFORE you boot them to the network. Best of Luck and let me know if I can help you in some other way. Dr.Who And Yes, I do look ALOT like Gordon Freeman! hehe
  6. Hailz!! DrWho_64 here. Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I really like this forum. I'm new to this end of the Windows experience but I do know a thing or two. I'll answer any question if I think I can point you in the right direction. I know there are alot of people out there, so I hope you all will help me too! See you in the funny papers!~! B)

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