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  1. Sorry, didn't read fully. To copy the administrator settings you should log on as another profile and then go to documents and settings and do a manual copy of the files from the administrator account to the other account. Be sure to delete the cookies prior to the copy. P.S. this will not replace any settings that have already been customized in anyones profile. You will have to delete those profiles and have them recreated.
  2. Try using your monitors menu settings to adjust back to factory default. This might clear up the issue.
  3. And if the Mac OS were such a wonderful thing, why would Apple be espousing the wonders of being able to install Microsoft Windows on their new INTEL Duo Core processors? Seems to me that maybe Apple is getting tired of being second in the market share and are trying to increase their sales any way that they can. To that end, maybe a Mac wouldn't be so bad since you can now run Windows and *nix on it.
  4. 1. Download the office 2003 resource kit from microsoft: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/FX011511471033.aspx 2. Create the transform file for your settings. 3. Create a shortcut to the office installation files using this format For office 2003 pro: "\\servername\office2003folder\setuppro.exe" TRANSFORMS="\\servername\office2003folder\transformfilename.mst" /qb- For office 2003 STD: "\\servername\office2003folder\setupstd.exe" TRANSFORMS="\\servername\office2003folder\transformfilename.mst" /qb- Then your users can install or you can use a deployment tool to run the script for you on each of the computers.
  5. Kranie - does your USB Pen drive have a light that flashes on it when it is being accessed? If so, when the light is not flashing, it should be okay to remove the drive. Or if you use the "Safely Remove Hardware" applet in the system tray. Once the device no longer shows you should be safe to remove it.
  6. You could try booting with a Dos Boot disk, navigate to C:\windows and type scanreg /restore. This should bring up the "System Restore" utility of sorts. Actually it's a registry restoration tool. Using your arrow keys on the keyboard you should be able to highlight the oldest date you have there and hit enter. If you get a message such as registry restore failed, then you are probably out of luck as far as ME is concerned. If you want to recover data and have another computer handy, you could always put the hard drive in to another machine, get your data off and then do a complete format and re-install of the system.
  7. Wow and old one but I think it might help some one else out. Create a user account. Log on as that account and set up the computer exactly the way you want all users to have it set up for them. Reboot, log in as administrator. Open C:\documents and settings\xxxxx\cookies. Delete Index.dat Right Click My Computer, Left Click Properties, go to Advanced, User Profiles, Settings. Click on your configuration username and choose Copy To Set the path to C:\documents and settings\default user. Set permitted to change to Everyone. Once this is complete, whoever logs in to the computer will have the same back ground, until they change it for themselves that is. And any settings will be customized for that default configuration until the user changes them.

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