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  1. I can see that there is new final release. Thus I would like to ask TC what are the differences between this final and the last RC (if there are any). Thanks.
  2. Thanks TC :-) I am looking forward for the final version :-)
  3. Can someone direct me to the list of things that I should include when slipstreaming sp3 to have complete up to date installation? I have been searching for it, maybe it is somewhere, but I cannot find it. I have been doing slipstreaming with previous versions of HFSLIP but for SP2 and now I would also try to do it with SP3 and I don't want to do something wrong. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. When the new final will be ready on the www.hfslip.org, would be there a new update list for xpsp3 also?
  5. Thank you guys! :-) I am going to do my slipstream and finally reinstall my current faulty system. :-)
  6. Hi all! I have question about: KB912817 KB918005 Are they handled by current HFSLIP?
  7. Thank you for your reply. So I deleted these hotfixes form my HF folder:
  8. Hello everybody! I'm not sure whether I'm writing in a right place, but... I am confused about couple of hotfixes for WinXP which are not listed on the Tomcat's page. These are: KB319740 KB884883 KB885222 KB885626-v2 KB886677 KB886716-v2 KB887797 KB889527-v3 KB889673 KB890831 KB893357 KB894391 KB896427-v3 KB896626 KB897663 KB898900-v2 KB900930 KB905915 KB906569 KB907265 KB907865 KB908521 KB913538 KB914798 KB914841 KB917425 What about them? Are they unnecessary? What should I do with them? I should point that many of them are from posts of dziubek on the one of polish forums. Of course I am considering polish versions of WinXP and hotfixes.

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