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  1. Start Menu In Windows XP - Help Needed!

    I almost solved this myself. Found this Link: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/AllPrograms.htm It gives a lot of the info i needed. If anyone else out there knows additional suggestions, please post! Thanks, Hudson's Pops
  2. Start Menu In Windows XP - Help Needed!

    While trying to get my system rebuilt from a recent virus disaster, I have been unable to get my start menu in working order. For the longest time, the Start>All Programs would not display anything. I finally got it to work (sort of), but now it displays programs from both my Documents and Settings/(user) account and the Documents and Settings/all users account. All of the start menu program folders are displayed twice when Start>All Programs is displayed. Somehow, a copy of the Start menu programs wound up in a TEMP folder in My Documents. When I looked at the aida32 profile, the Programs menu in the System Folders looked like this: C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\TEMP\Start Menu\Programs This is how one of the other folders is displayed: Administrative Tools C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\My Documents\TEMP\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools The path that is currently displayed on Start>All Programs looks like this: C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\Start Menu\Start Menu\Programs and then: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs I would like to get All Programs to display this path only: C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\Start Menu\Programs I also need to get the Administrative Tools folder moved to the user menu. I have tried to cut and paste, but then I lose the All Programs display. I can re-do the User accounts or change the folder paths if necessary, but I was wondering if anyone out there can tell me how to do this. Thanks very much for any help. Let me know if further info is needed.
  3. System Volume Information

    I have already deleted the offending file from two of the Restore volumes in SVI. I would like to know if it is OK to delete all of restore volumes (about 40) that are in the SVI file. It would free up a lot of space. I would be rid of the offending file for sure. Then I would hopefully have just one new restore point to start from. Thanks
  4. B) I had a problem with a program download. I deleted it, but still had problems. I discovered that I the offending file had been placed in my System Volume Information file. I had to get instructions from the MS website to open the SVI file. Open opening, I discovered there were about forty restore volumes. The offending file had been placed in at least two or three of the restore volumes. Can I delete these volumes and create just one new restore point? Also, is there a search thread I can use to find if the offending file remains in my PC? Thanks for the help!