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  1. Hello, We are trying to build an unattended installation which we can use for the dell optiplex 745 and GX620. When we have an installation which is working for the 745 (we've integrated the driver in the windows xp installation files) and integrate the GX620 drivers in the installation files the PC hangs after finishing the installation of windows XP. Is there anyone who have/had the same problem? How did you solve it? With regards, Gerrit Jan
  2. I didn't notice before that i had an older version. I have downloaden the newest version of nLite now. Tnx for the help
  3. I Found the problem, i had deleted the Recource.copy from the driver specific sections so the file was never copied ;p See the attachment for my modified driver This is a driver the graphic driver for a dell optiplex 745 I also deleted al lrc files (except for the enu) from the driver directory I was using nLite 1.3RC2 igxp32.inf
  4. Hi, Followd that guide. What happend nog is that when the installation is completed there are items in the contextmenu of the dekstop with the name "Can't find requested string", this also happends by the icon in the system tray and the control panel item of the graphic driver. With regards, Gerrit Jan
  5. Hello, I Want to intergrate a driver (The driver is needed for my graphic's card (intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family)) into my windows xp professional installation. No problem for nLite, but when i start my installation setup fails because he can't find te LRC files. Is there any one who had this before? how did you solve it? With regards Gerrit Jan

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