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  1. Bootable Dos-Based No Emulation CD

    no... when I made the HDD emulation, I accessed my whole CD without Cd drivers... but a lot of problem because It tried to write to the CD (thinking it was a HDD)
  2. Hi All ! I'm trying one thing for days and don't works ! I'm trying to make a bootable DOS based CD-ROM. But I dont want a CD emulating a floppy disk ! I don't want to need using ms-dos CDROM drivers I want to have a dos access to my CDROM without loading mscdex.exe & co... I tried this and it almost worked : I made a 650 MB HDD where I put all system files and my dos applications and I tried the Nero option of using a HARDDISK image for booting. It works but.... Nero modify the MBR of the HDD BEFORE making the image... so when loading the CD-ROM, it try to load win98 (I even see the win98 boot logo) even if there is no win98 files on the cd-rom !! Nero also modify the Master Boot Record of the 650 MMB HDD and I need to make fdisk /mbr to restore it ! How can I make a boot CD that launch dos and where the whole CD files are available without cd drivers ? With "HDD emulation" or "no emulation", but I don't want FDD emulation or thing like UBCD / CDshell that load FDD based image. I hope you understood my bad english Thanks a lot !
  3. some different errors

    I got a lot of errors : -missing eula.txt for windows xp pro sp1 and for windows 2003 ENT, but I don't get this error for windows 2000 server -when installing win2000, it ask me for I386 folder of win2k install, but when browsing the dvd, it not appears, like when I open c:\root (where i made my dvd) : when i browse the dvd, I see like boot directories (a lot af files and a system32 folder) - problems when trying ton run win98.IMA, it ask for boot disk or something like that. Thanks a lot for responding me. Sorry for my bad english !