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  1. Unattend Install

    Hi First of all thank you for the help with the replies I have tried th commands as suggested, i.e. net use z: /delete Net use z: \\qtx-buildserver\datsoc /user:desktop1\administrator Password and both work find when typed at the command prompt, if I try to run the latter command from within a bat file it comes up with an error; System Error 53 has occurred. I have tried various combinations with the positioning of the password and without the full /User string in, but still no joy. Thanks
  2. Hi I am seeking advice on "Enter Network Password". I have created an Unattended Install process to install Windows 2000 Server onto a client machine remotely over a local network from a server running Windows 2003 Server, so far I have been able to download and install Windows 2000 on to the client machine and for the processes of automatically rebooting this part of the installation is complete, however, one problem I would like to fix if this is possible. When the client boots up after configuration, it tries to Restore the network connection. First Window Restoring Network Connections Restoring the Connection to \\qtx-buildserver\datsoc Cancel Second Window Enter Network Password Incorrect password or unknown username for: \\qtx-buildserver\datsoc Password: I am able to enter the password in manually and it works fine, is there, anyway of automating this so that it will log on to the network and begin the next process of downloading software applications from the remote server without human intervention? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks