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  1. USMT uses varibles %systemroot% etc.. I'm thinking about attempting to redefine those variables to c: drive..
  2. I'm trying to get USMT 2.6 to work with pe2004.. The problem is the variable USMT uses exist within winpe as well, so usmt trys to backup and restore the winpe default profile. I imagine I may have to redefine these variables to point specificly to C:\documents and settings etc.. but I am curious if anyone else has had luck with this... TIA lpearce
  3. Yes, but I must have it.=] I will pray to the MS gods (Our TAM) for a copy of the beta.
  4. I see... Thanks for the info.. So if I get my hands on a 2K3 SP1 Beta I could potentially build the WINPE version that supports this ?
  5. I have obtained a copy of PE 1.5/ PE2004 which is suppose to support loading from a ramdisk in order to support additional 3rd party PXE servers(Per the program manager at Tech Ed 2004). Has anyone atempted to do this and come out successful? My guess is I will have to create floppy that will create a 200 meg ramdisk, copy the WinPE source to the ramdisk and then launch. TIA
  6. This post has been a great time saver. Thanks Aaron. I recommend hotfix q317606 to anyone using random name generation with there unattended build.
  7. I don't use RIS and I want my unattended install to name a PC based on info from the bios. I'm looking for a tool that will work in DOS to pull info from the bios. Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA Lance
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