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  1. Greetings! I have three XP Home SP2 systems connected via a 3Com 3C510 router. One system (mainsys) has an HP printer (HP_Printer) connected to the USB port. This printer is NOT shared. Users on the other 2 systems are able to add this printer via the Add A Printer wizard by choosing the network printer option and entering \\mainsys\HP_printer. They are then able to print to this printer. I thought a printer had to be shared before other systems could print to it. Note: In case you are wondering, the router does have a Printer Server built in, but it is only for the on-board parallel port. The manual specifically states that for USB printers, you need to attach the printer to a PC and use File and Print Sharing to share the printer. Any ideas on why this printer is accessible without being shared? Thanks!

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