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  1. Help, please. I love outlook (in the office), and I love my big screen display phone. But when synchronizing my big Outlook contact to my Big agenda on the phone, I have to live with that tiny picture attached to my Contacts in the phone. I can try to make a symbian app that will attach to every contact an image depending on the name of the contact...but is very hard. I can try to use a SyncML server and to add in the SyncML servers database the field for the picture, but i couldn find any free SyncML servers that support the contact picture feature. Or I can just load a bigger picture in my outlook, and the have it synchronize with my phone the usual way. Please, please...lets NOT hack Microsoft Outlook and solve this issue.
  2. WPI 5.4 wishlist

    Press install and your cmd1,cmd2,cmd3 starts, ,after that you have one of the following options(Profiles for running the installers) 1.None -- No profile. Skips cmd4,cmd5,cmd6. 2.Switchless (to a particular Programs Folder) -- cmd5 is started. (cmd5[pn]=['%wpipath%Install\\7z442.exe /D=D:\\Programe\\Zipuri\\7-Zip /S'] 3.Switchless to Defalut (path) --cmd6 is started (cmd6[pn]=['%wpipath%Install\\7z442.exe'] 4.Normal (installer) -- (cmd4[pn]=['%wpipath%Install\\7z442.exe'] if a program has set up in the gcond setup option for the installer, the name of program grays or disables ()(gcond[pn]=['Gray(0,1,0)']; ----the 7zip software has a visual {normal installer},has setup the options for a sillent to the specific path/options, and it lacks a silent to option{cause i dindt put, on purpose for this example,the '/S' option})\ smell u later. (at least for the checking of spelling errors) this is version 0.1, ready for download. Copy_of_wpi.rar
  3. WPI 5.4 wishlist

    documentation, commenting the code. switchless trigger for every program, like this, but official suported waitting to share the code or opinions.