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  1. policy deployement prob

    well it certainly will work but then again the idea behind it was that the installation shouldn't require any additional operation than the install itself.I now solved the problem though by avoiding any removal in the network section in remove components. What i had removed previously was the following : -client for netware -network setup wizard to me it seems the dns record was not pushed through on the first domain joining , AD was fine though (computer account present ) then removing and joining again fixed it , but not a clean thing to me , and the less time the techies will spend doing this the better but anyway it's fixed but i'd love to know why/how the removal of these elements caused such a weird prob. thanks a lot for any time you guys might have spent thinking about it be well
  2. policy deployement prob

    hello all here's my prob i created a custom xp install with a few software packages (nothing heavy ,stuff like calc plus, adobe , a few tweaks) now this image is supposed to be deployed on a number of pc's , which still is not a prob , once i join the domain and reboot the computer policies just won't deploy hence th sms client linked to them hence the rest of the apps , a classic xp cd install works out fine though . I've been going through the customisation a few times now setting things back to original but it just won't work . One thing i've noticed , if removed from the domain and joined a second time it then works fine read permission on policies have been verified and OK thx in advance for any inkling