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  1. I want to delete a bunch of files, but it says I don't have acces to them, tho I'm administrator and have no limits to the computer usage.

    How can I delete these?


    EDIT: I tried in dos with rmdir etc... didn't work either...

  2. my kaspersky slows down my system so much when i right click anywhere in windows explorer,but i havnt had this problem until 1 weak agoand i didnt change any settings,just updated it. :blink:

    anyone knows why is that?

    I had that problem with Bit Defender 9.0, just uninstalled it and everything was back to normal :)

  3. Windows XP isn't working quite properly anymore, sometimes when I boot, I see no errors but nothing will start, like ie, MSN, and other apps. Other times it works just like it should. Now, I was thinking of doing a repair installation and I was wondering if it removes all documents and settings/installed apps?


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    Please follow XP Forum Rules from now on.


  4. thanks. I cant see the boot.ini file but I can run it when I type c:\boot.ini. I'm also viewing hidden files/folders and when I try to save a boot.ini file to my c:\ disk it says it exists but I can't see it, so i cant edit the read-only options :s

    nvmd, I got it :D

  5. Is there a way to reset the boot.ini file? I downloaded stylexp and that kinda messed up my boot.ini file. Now I have 2 bootmodes which are identicly the same. I kinda wanna reset it :P


  6. well, it's been a while I think because you don't instantly notice it. I don't have any malware/spyware/viruses, just ran a check for that. I'm admin, like other users...

  7. I don't have sound schemes :s. Windows XP standard is turned on in the audio tab (control panel). Normally you can test the sounds by clicking a play button, the play button is disabled and I can't click it. This is very annoying because I also don't have sounds for MSN and stuff like that.

    The strange thing is that other users on this pc DO have sounds :(:realmad:

    Could anyone help me?

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