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  1. Are there any plugin or update for office 2003, that enables it to read all the 2007 documents? Best regards Peter
  2. Its a laptop and a desktop The laptop can't enter the desktops shared folders but it works the other way around We are able to ping each other but it is the IPX we have the issues with not the tcp/ip network just a week or so ago it worked just fine and since then we havent changed a thing on either computer the laptop is alos able to recive packeges from the desktop over the IPX but not the other way around
  3. O, I'm afraid I haven't made myself clear. We are having a direct crossed cable between the two computers and are both runing XP.
  4. Hello Me and my friend were in the a nostalgic mood this day and sat down to play a little Diablo I everything is fine until we were to connect to each other via the IPX protocol,(yes IPX is installed on both computers) Now we have beed trying all night to make is work but they just won't communicate. Any body have any experience in this matter, please share the info. Thank's
  5. The driver is unable to install because there's no card to find... its says... I really don't know what to do..
  6. I'm am afraid the guy that had it before me has thrown them away somehow... I have tryed to download a driver but it can not install before Xp recognizes the card.
  7. As title my xp can't find my soundcard. It's a Creative SB Live! 5,1 PCI soundcard, but Xp just can't find out that it is there.. When I boot up my computer it says that it have found new hardware but it can't identify it, it is just called "Multimedia audio controller" Anybody have any ideas or have experienced the same problem. Thank you Peter
  8. I had office 2000 but uninstalled it because I though that was the problem.. perhaps..
  9. The file does exsist but it is hidden on the cd, don't know if that has anything to say. the location has as far as I know not changed but I'm not sure..
  10. During the installation of Microsoft Office 2003 Pro it is waiting to copy a .CAB file named X2561413.CAB After a while a new window come up asking for the original installation drive, the directory of my cd drive or a network place Office 2k3 is installed from. I try give my cd drive directory and says "ok" Nothing happens. Something about a local installatoin source keps coming up but I can't make out whats wrong. It simply can't find the file. so what to do? In advance thank you

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