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  1. Thanks to CRK suggestion I made a better AutoIt3 script https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/ which would continue with all New Hardware Wizard windows accepting non signed drivers, Cancelling WinXP CD prompts and skipping multiple options (connect to internet, etc), so as to get Mouse and Keyboard detected and installed. The compiled autoit script EXE should be copied to the "Start" (within "Start Menu") folder to be automatically executed. The script strings MUST be adapted to the local windows language. And probably some Alt-LETTER combinations too. My sample works in SPANISH WinXP. Hope it helps somebody else, after having mouse and keyboard functioning, script must be deleted (or moved to other folder): $asistente= "Asistente para hardware nuevo encontrado" ;"Found New Hardware Wizard" $instalacion= "Instalación de hardware" $archivos= "Archivos necesarios" $cambio= "Cambio de configuración del sistema" while 1 sleep(200) if WinExists( $cambio) then WinActivate( $cambio) sleep(200) Send("!n") ; (press Alt-n) endif if WinExists( $instalacion) then WinActivate( $instalacion) sleep(200) $text=WinGetText( $instalacion) if StringInStr( $text, "El software que está instalando para este hardware") then ;"The software..." Send("!c") endIf ; MsgBox($MB_OK, "Autoit Status", $text & stringinstr( $text, "está"), 2 ) ; sleep(2000) endif if WinExists($archivos) then WinActivate($archivos) sleep(200) $text=WinGetText( $archivos) if StringInStr( $text, "Se necesita el archivo") then ControlClick( "Archivos necesarios", "", "[ID:2]" ) endIf endif if WinExists( $asistente) then WinActivate( $asistente) sleep( 200) $text=WinGetText( $asistente) if StringInStr( $text, "Desea que Windows se conecte a Windows Update") then ;"Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?" ; ControlCommand( $asistente, "", "[ID:8104]", "Check", "") sleep(150) ; ControlClick( $asistente, "", "[ID:12324]") Send("!n") sleep(100) Send("!t") sleep(250) endif $text=WinGetText( $asistente) if StringInStr( $text, "Este asistente le ayudará a instalar software para:") then ;"This wizard" sleep(150) Send("!t") sleep(250) endif $text=WinGetText( $asistente) if StringInStr( $text, "No se puede instalar este hardware") then ;"Cannot Install this Hardware" ControlCommand( $asistente, "", "[ID:1030]", "UnCheck", "") sleep(200) ;ControlClick( $asistente, "", "[ID:12325]") Send("{ENTER}") sleep(200) endif $text=WinGetText( $asistente) if StringInStr( $text, "desea que haga el asistente?") then ;"What do you want the wizard to do?" ControlCommand( $asistente, "", "[ID:1049]", "Check", "") sleep(200) ControlClick( $asistente, "", "[ID:12324]") sleep(200) endif $text=WinGetText( $asistente) if StringInStr( $text, "Se recomienda que se conecte a Internet para que el asistente") then ControlCommand( $asistente, "", "[ID:1065]", "Check", "") sleep(200) ControlClick( $asistente, "", "[ID:12324]") sleep(200) endif $text=WinGetText( $asistente) if StringInStr( $text, "Finalizar para cerrar") then ;"Click Finish to close the wizard." ControlClick( $asistente, "", "[ID:12325]") sleep(250) endif endif wend
  2. Hi fernando I have an asrock b85m with XP in IDE mode now, it has 8c00/8c08 ide codes, and probably 8c02 in AHCI. I slippedstreamed your mod drivers and repair installed with USB, but failed after first boot, succeeded when I switched to a CD, but BSOD when I boot in AHCI mode. Is there a way to switch to AHCI without installing from scratch? I want to keep my programs. Thanks!
  3. I'm using nlite for some years to integrate spanish SP3 + all patches to an XPSP1. And I always have to check after loading session all settings because nlite doesn't correctly load all of them. (ie lot of keybords I always had to add again: bosnio, finés, inuktitut, luxemburgues, maltés, ...; languages: árabe, cirilico, europa central,...) and some other settings that sometimes varies each time I use nlite. So its annoying to manually check everything when save settings should be done to avoid that... Anybody had this problem and a possible solution? thanks!
  4. Can anybody add the info about newer drivers in that link but in english? My native language is spanish, but german is too much Specifically what I wonder is for what cases are newer mod drivers better: "Intel RSTe AHCI & RAID drivers v11.7.4.1001 mod by Fernando" "32bit Intel RSTe-Treiber v12.6.0.1033 mod von Fernando"
  5. is it possible to integrate all textmode drivers (all nvidia and all intel) so as to have only one XP install CD?
  6. There is an Excelent explanation of how to conserve Repair and partially unattended setup here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30807&st=0 (#11 post by sIn_maxo)
  7. isidro

    can't repair xp

    Well considering that if you change IDE controller (because of mother upgrade or Raid card) the only way to keep XP running again is to do a repair, so that's why is a needed option. No crap there.
  8. I'm not being nasty, but i would say your not a novice.... if you were advanced you would already know the limitations You ARE being nasty, if I say I'm an advanced user, it's true, to make long things short I had programmed in assembler on Z80, 80386 (including coprocesor), TMS9900 and some more as well as Delphi, etc. Ii is NOT obvious that you will loose Repair features, I assumed I was making a better XP installation CD which would cover all my needs. I found the workarounds for that after carefully reading the forums, when a short notice in FAQ would have save me, and the other guys who posted more or less the same questions here a lot of trouble. So, what I'm asking here is to make that an option or at least to warn about this and a quick note in FAQ. It's not such a big deal.
  9. I usually change users motherboards (which requieres XP reinstall because of IDE drivers), so I use Repair option very often. After seeking in the forum and 4 tries finally could do an XP with all patches with the repair option (manually eliminating WINNT.SIF from IE386) I think wou should CLEARLY warn users in your site about the lost functionality, and the workarounds ( F10 for Repair Console). It would be very nice to have some kind of automated answers ( serial, etc) without losing both initial Repair menus. In either case, you shoul modify your program so as to include "Manual installation" instead of making users to loose hours seeking in forums to recover that feature (whinh in my opinion it's ESSENTIAL ). Another interesting thing I read is that you can include WINNT.SIF in a diskette to run unattended inst, or remove diskette to leave it in manual inst). Thanks PS: Lost a whole night with this issue, and I'm an advanced user...

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