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  1. Thanks again for a great resource. MSFN and nLite rock. Here's my contribution. Using nLite to place the document and settings folder tree on a seperate partion (to seperate data from the OS) I was getting errors at t-39 about failing to register rsaenh.dll and dssenh.dll with error 800703. It turned out to be because I didn't realise that although setup can create additional partitions it does not format them, DOH! My solution, I ran seagate disk wizard to prepare the partitions ahead of setup. Not very unattended, but it works. Does anyone have a better idea on how to prepare multiple partitions?
  2. First of all, thanks for a great resource. This is my contribution in return. When using MSDN multi boot DVD's as the source disk but creating a normal boot CD via nLite, I found that I was getting:- Setup cannot find the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). Setup cannot continue. To quit, press F3. The following worked for me:- In the TXTSETUP.SIF file, changing the line: SetupSourcePath = "\ENGLISH\WINXP\PRO\" TO SetupSourcePath = "\" Thanks to dvokt for that one. Hope that helps someone.

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