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  1. Adding Win95 to multiboot DVD

    Hi all, i've been searching all night and cannot get win95 to work on my multiboot dvd. My dosc contains Win95, Win98, WinME, Xp Home, Pro & MCE 2005. The setup files are located in a folder named setup ie: C:\DVD\Setup\95\ C:\DVD\Setup\98SE\ C:\DVD\Setup\Me\ C:\DVD\Setup\XP\Home C:\DVD\Setup\XP\Pro C:\DVD\Setup\XP\MCE i am using cdshell.ini to chain the corresponding ima or dat files. 98Se, Me and Xp all boot perfectly but i cannot find a win95 ima that chains succesfully. I tried using the one i am using for win98 and changing the autoexec setup.exe line to point to win95 setup but it boots the floppy and then tells me: starting win95 setup Please insert a win95 floppy and restart your computer. This is my autoexec for win98 This is how i changed it for Win95 If anyone can suggest how i might make it work or even supply a working image for win95 i'd be very grateful. Thanks Mike
  2. Integrating Fedora4 into Multi-Boot DVD

    Ok, i scanned through the forum and seeing other posts decided linux was too much of a problem to add to the aiodvd. Thanks for all the help anyway guys.
  3. small problem i hope

    Glad i could help someone lol
  4. small problem i hope

    Hi, i'm not promising this will work as i'm new to this myself but i alkso experienced this problem. It turned out that i had missed a line out of the ini file. Try adding the following "getkey" (without the quotations) between the XP_Pro_key: and if $lastkey == key[1] lines. It should look something like this XP_Pro_Key: getkey if $lastKey == key[1]; then chain /PRO1.DAT end then try creating the iso again and booting in virtual pc and see if that works. Like i said i'm also new but hey if i can help i'll try Scrappysphinx
  5. Integrating Fedora4 into Multi-Boot DVD

    Thanks again for the help so far guys. I have now downloaded the FC4 DVD and copied the entire contents to my AIO-DVD folder. i added this line if $lastKey == key[8]; then chain /ISOLINUX/ISOLINUX.BIN to my cdshell.ini file. When i boot the dvd in Virtual PC 2004 the boot menu loads fine and all options work (e.g. pressing 1 begins xp home sp2 setup) but when i press 8 to begin the Fedora Install i get the following error: Any more help greatly appreciated. Thanks again Scrappysphinx Okay, i changed the line if $lastKey == key[8]; then chain /ISOLINUX/ISOLINUX.BIN so it now reads if $lastKey == key[8]; then memdisk /isolinux/isolinux.bin it now loads and comes to the following screen and just hangs
  6. Integrating Fedora4 into Multi-Boot DVD

    Thanks for the suggestion, i'm downloading the DVD image now (I have the 4 cd's). I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks Again
  7. Hello all, I have followed the flyakite tutorial and have created a working Multiboot DVD containing: WinXP Home SP2 Setup & Unattended Setup WinXP Pro SP2 Setup & Unattended Setup Win2k Pro SP4 Setup WinME Setup Win98SE Setup Ghost 2003 Partition Magic 8 ERD Commander 2005 I would like to add the possibilty of a Linux Installation (Fedora4 is the only one i have) from this same DVD. Is it possible to add this to the boot menu (using cd shell) and how would i go about doing this. Any information is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks Scrappysphinx