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  1. For W7 => Make portable ESR Firefoxes (in combination with the MultipleFirefoxLoader.exe)

    HP:  https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/


    https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/115.5.0esr/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup 115.5.0esr.exe

    https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/115.5.0esr/win64/en-US/Firefox Setup 115.5.0esr.exe

    HP:  https://mozhelp.ddnss.de/dateien/index.php?path=forum/



    Two Folders-Basic-Structure for the Loader =

    1.) Make a Folder eg. PORTFOX

    Drop in MultipleFirefoxLoader.exe

    Take in Firefox Setup 115.5.0esr.exe (hang on .ZIP or .7Z)

    unpack it

    2.) (rename CORE to) => FIREFOX

    3.) Create an empty => PROFILORDNER

    4.) Start the MultipleFirefoxLoader.exe



  2. I like old fashioned things - like swing, nature, humanity & love ;o]

    Albert Mair (1941) & Rens Newland (1953) - Ich kenn' ein kleines Wegerl im Helenental (AT 2003)

    Willi Forst (1903-1980) & Michael Jary (1906-1988) - Ich kenn ein kleines Wegerl im Helenental (AT 1942)

  3. On 9/24/2022 at 12:01 PM, msfntor said:


    The Chinese superhero: caught a two-year-old baby girl who fell from the fifth floor

    A Chinese man was declared a "national hero" after he miraculously caught a two-year-old girl who fell from a fifth-floor window.

    Shen Dong, 31, was parking his car in front of an apartment building in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, when he heard a loud noise.

    It was a baby girl who fell from the window from the fifth floor and landed on a metal roof

    Here: https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-07-25-the-chinese-superhero--caught-a-two-year-old-baby-girl-who-fell-from-the-fifth-floor---voila!-news.S1WXyuln2c.html


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