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  1. Just a quick question: I have a multiboot DVD with XP SP2 and XP X64. Can the files in i386 folder of x64 be placed in the SP2 i386 folder? I note that the x64 files are later versions and I was wondering if there would be any conflicts. Thanks
  2. I used the Proxy Server you suggested and it works GREAT!!!. So here goes.....Thanks guys
  3. Yes, it is a Gateway Error. I have tried resetting the modem but no change. I still can't access the site. I suppose I will have to look into a proxy. Thanks for your help guys!
  4. I am just getting "Can't find Server". So it sounds like it is just me. Do I need to do anything before logging into the site?
  5. Is anybody else having this problem, or is it just me? http://www.driverpacks.net/Projects/DriverPacks/ doesn't seem to work

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