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  1. This question might sound crazy, but is there any way to disable the ribbon interface and get back the old Menu system in office 2007 ? thanks, jeet
  2. i'm getting an error message: Setup could not find any available products to install. Please contact your system administrator Please help Regards, Jeet
  3. Pertmaster Project Risk home page: http://www.pertmaster.com/products/projectRisk.htm Evaluation download: http://www.pertmaster.com/bin/PertmasterFullInstall.exe This is installshield based installer. It extract windows installer files and then runs the installer. There are 3 setup types: Standalone, Client & Server. I would like to install standalone silently using swicthes. I would REALLY appreciate if some one can take few minutes to help me with this. I have tries to create MST but some how its NOT working as intended. The installer would just freeze some times if i use mst (with /v switch). Thanks in advance, Jeet
  4. Pls can anyone help how to Windows Server R2 to Multi Boot DVD. thx jeet
  5. I am trying to create a driver less ghost image which can be used for different hardware systems. I have added all the driver packs to Windows XP SP2 and it works fine and I have created a ghost image now when I try to restore that image to some other system of different configuation after the restore the system crashes when windows boots. Pls can some one help me how can I create a Driver Less Image that can work on other systems as well with different hardwares. THX in Advance Jeet
  6. Can some one tell me how to disable automatic detection of monitor driver during the gut mode setup.
  7. I have integrated latest driver pack to windows xp sp2. When I run the setup and when it comes to gui part "Installing devices" it asks for monitor driver and if i click on find driver or cancel the there is a blue screen crash pls some one help me how can i avoid it.
  8. I have added Norton Ghost 10 Recovery CD to the Multi Boot DVD, but it gives an error "insufficient memory for UDFS.sys". If I try and use the original ISO ot works but when i modify the SETUPLDR.bin and change the path form "i386" then it gives this error. Pls some one help.
  9. I have got the Norton Partion Magic 8.05 and even i have created a bootable floppy from it but i want to know how to create an image of the floppy & which all files are required for it. thanks jeet
  10. I want to create an image of Norton Partition Magic 8.0.5. so anyone can help me in this. thanks jeet
  11. Norton Partition Magic 8.0.5 image Hey does anyone have got an image of Norton Partition Magic 8.0.5. If yes pls can anyone upload it or email it to me. Or can anyone help me how to create the image for Norton Partition Magic 8.0.5, and which files are required. thanks in advamce jeet
  12. How to add OEM inforamtion and logo to system properties window automatically using windows xp unattended installation. pls anyone help me. thanks in advance jeet
  13. thanks prathapml solved my problem, thank u very much jeet
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