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  1. Have you already tried the FIXBOOT command? Yeah I gave that several times a go... 1. From the Recovery Console from the Windows XP X86 version (after including the raid drivers). 2. From the Recovery Console from the Windows XP X64 version (after including the raid drivers). 3. Same as 1, but after FIXMBR command. All without succes, but I have another option, which I am going to give a go. I also purchased some time ago Windows Vista X64. So I am going to try installing that and see what happens... Probably the same error again, but I am going to try it anyways. If that does NOT work, I will have to reinstall Windows XP X64 / X86 on the small HD and start backin up stuff... I only wish what is causing this... Cause I am going banana's. I already spend over 4 hours trying to fix this... :(
  2. I have often done that without getting any problems.Store the boot files (boot.ini, ntldr and ntdetect.com) somewhere before you run the fixmbr command. Thanks for the answer, but I already gave it a go... But alas, when I reboot my PC, that **** message popups again "Disk Read Error"... ...I am now going to install a HD (20 GB) and install Windows XP on it, so I can start backing up stuff (which seems impossible, since I have 480 GB of stuff on my PC). Oh well, if anybody knows a possible solution to my problem, please share it with me... Thanks so far...
  3. You sure mate? Cause I already tried to give the command in the Recovery Console and gave me some kind of warning about loss of data, or something similar like that. Nevermind, I found what I meant: I got prompted to continue. And I really do not like the sound of that last line... ...but you say it's safe? Let me know, thanks.
  4. f*** I am screwed, cause that didn't work either... Argh... And I am just to scared to use the FIXMBR command, cause of the possibility that I lose all my data on the 5 partitions. ...or is FIXMBR save to use on a RAID 0 system with 2 HD's (with several partitions)? Please advice, cause the only other solution I currently see, is that I hook up another HD, reinstall Windows XP X64 / X86 on that one and backup all my data (which is quite impossible 480 GB or something). Sigh....
  5. Will all due respect, if you had read my postings (or at least the last one), you would have read the HD's gave the error... Not the CDR. The CDR is fine! /edit I have found something, which I am going to try out: I am building my X86 Windows XP cd as we speak, so I can try fixboot like the person above mentioned... HOPEFULLY this wil work... :S
  6. Argh.... Again I get the same error: A disk read error has ocurred. Please press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot. ...damnit. I really hope I am not screwed here. Let's go over it one more time; After preparing the the CDR with nLite, it boots from the CDR without problems and starts the Windows XP X64 installation. I do NOT press F6 and wait for the installation to prepare the files. Then I am presented with all the partitions on the RAID 0 HD's (yes they are all there). Then I select the last partition, since I want Windows XP X64 to be installed on it (in my case the last partition is Z:). Then it starts the installation and all looks well. After a short while it says it want's to reboot the PC, which is fine... But then I get the disk read error for some stupid reason. I really hope I missed something here... I am pretty sure my HD's are in excellent state and do not have any errors of any kind. So please, please advice here.... I will try to create a new nLite cd (yes, again) using the old Legacy method... Maybe that will work.
  7. Okay just to make sure; I added the following drivers: TXT - BUSDRV SCSIAdapter TXT - RAIDCLASS SCSIAdapter PNP - HDC And the nvidia ethernet and smbus drivers as PNP... This should be correct right?
  8. Damnit... I have a (big) problem. I already had a x86 Windows XP version installed and I decided to give x64 a go, since it was collecting dust on the shelf. Anyways, I used nLite to include the nForce 4 raid drivers, like you said on the first page. So when the CDR was finished burning, I decided to go for it. Anyways; after selecting the partition to install x64 Windows XP version (on Z:) and after installing Windows XP x64 it rebooted and now I am getting a disk read error?! Also F8 does not work, cause this disk read error keeps popping up?! Well I am going to redo the cd with nLiteos and hopefully I can make it work again. Cause this is really a problem for me, when I lose my stuff (both company stuff and personal stuff). Any ideas what may went wrong here?! Thanks for your input, I will check back later, going to make a new slipstreamed windows xp x64 cd asap...
  9. Hi peeps, I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro, since I had a serious bug. So I thought no problem, I will just use my nLite slipstreamed Windows XP disc. Installation went pretty good, without any serious problems. Anyways, now I was trying to install the nForce drivers for my DFI Expert motherboard, which features 2 onboard NIC cards (one is Marvell and the other is nVidia). But now comes the problem; whatever I try to do, Windows XP won't install the nVidia network driver! I tried a lot of things; like pointing it to the correct driver. All without succes. I even tried forcing it to use the driver, but it won't work (then it just shows up as a component which is not able to start). I am pretty clueless here. Anybody in here has some advice or anything for me? Cause I really need that nVidia network card to get working... Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey Fernando, First let me congratulate you on your fine work... Highly appreciated! I have a small problem... I used your method to slipstream the nForce drivers on Windows XP Pro version. Which was meant to install on a Asus A8N32-SLI motherboard... Which worked perfectly! But since my motherboard was malfunctioning and giving a lot of troubles, I bought a new motherboard; the DFI LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert... ...except now I can't use the Windows XP Pro version I slipstreamed for some weird reason. Currently I am rebuilding the Windows XP Pro cd with nLite with the drivers mentioned on the DFI website: Revision Driver RAID Driver OS Window XP File NF4 RAID F6.ZIP Size 545,515 bytes Date 2006/01/27 Description nForce4 RAID0/1 Driver & Silicon Image 3114 RAID0/1/5 Driver (Self-Extract to floppy for F6 Installation). These could be added in text mode. Hopefully these will work. If they do work, I will edit my post. Otherwise, I am hoping to get a solution for this problem... /edit Wrong drivers... :S
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