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  1. Heres a snip from the BDD 2007 RC1. Windows XP Hotfix required for performing offline servicing of Windows Vista and Windows PE 2.0 images. Thats all I have for you. This KB is referenced inside the BDD 2007 Workbench as a requirement, but it shows up in the "Unavailable for download" section.
  2. I looked for answers on how to suppress the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog, but found little that worked. So I wrote a little VBS script that uses the taskkill command to kill windows where windowtitle eq Found New Hardware Wizard. I found this approach to be preferable to all the others tried to this point. So I wanted to post it for what its worth. If you have a new hardware wizard giving you grief and new to kill it, this may be what you seek. The script is written to take two inputs, one mandatory and one optional. The mandatory input is for a timeout value (e.g., /TimeOut:20). In other words, the amount of time, in seconds, the thing will run. The second input, the /Name:[yourtexthere], is optional and can be used to help you track when you dispatched this script. This info is written into the WizKilla.vbs log file. For example, lets say when installing the WLAN driver the Found New Hardware Wizard is giving you grief. Simply dispatch the WizKilla.vbs immediately before launching your unattended driver install. Use the following syntax: cscript.exe //nologo wizkilla.vbs /Timeout:20 /Name:WLAN ---- Begin WizKilla.vbs ----- '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' This script Loops a set number of times based on user supplied input value ' Where each loop is eqaul to 1 second in duration. ' During each loop a taskkill command is executed to kill the window(s) ' titled 'Found New Hardware Wizard' ' ' Date: 08.21.06 ' Author: Bruce Inciardi ' Revision: original '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- strComputer = "." Const ForAppending = 8 Set oArgs = wscript.Arguments Set colNamedArguments = WScript.Arguments.Named strName = colNamedArguments.Item("Name") strTimeout = colNamedArguments.Item("Timeout") Set WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network") Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") compname = WshNetwork.ComputerName set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") strLogFile = "\LOGS\" & Split(WScript.ScriptName, ".")(0) & ".log" pathtologfile = WshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings _ ("%SystemRoot%" & strlogfile) If FSO.FileExists(PathToLogFile) Then '' Wscript.Echo "File exist." Set objLogFile = FSO.OpenTextFile(pathtologfile, ForAppending) Else '' Wscript.Echo "File does not exist." Set objLogFile = FSO.CreateTextFile(pathtologfile, TRUE) End If objLogFile.WriteLine(Now & ": " & WScript.ScriptFullName & " Started." & vbCrLf) objLogFile.WriteLine("Current Computer Name: " & compname) objLogFile.WriteLine("Log File/Path: " & pathtologfile) objLogFile.WriteLine("Script loops 'x' times based on user provided input and kills 'New Hardware Found Wizard' dialogs." & vbCrLf) If Not colNamedArguments.Exists("TimeOut") Then objLogFile.WriteLine("Input in error") objLogFile.WriteLine("Correct Usage:") objLogFile.WriteLine("cscript WizKilla.vbs /TimeOut:10 /Name:" & Chr(34) & "Intel WLAN" & Chr(34)) Wscript.quit(0) End If iTimeout = strTimeout iTimeout=CInt(strTimeout) objLogFile.WriteLine("Launched with parms: /Timeout:" & strTimeout & " /Name:" & strName & vbCrLf) Wscript.Echo "Shhhh, be vewy qwiet..." Wscript.Echo "...I'm hunting Found New Hardware Wizard Dialogs." iLoop = 0 Do Until iLoop > iTimeout iLoop=iLoop+1 WScript.Sleep 1000 If iLoop > iTimeout Then Exit Do Else ' "Perform taskkill cmd here" killacmd = "taskkill /FI " & Chr(34) & "WINDOWTITLE eq Found New Hardware Wizard" & Chr(34) Set oExecObject = WshShell.Exec("%comspec% /c " & killacmd) Do Until oExecObject.StdOut.AtEndOfStream strLine = oExecObject.StdOut.ReadLine() if (Instr(strLine,"INFO:")<>0) Or (Instr(strLine,"SUCCESS:")<>0) Then If Instr(strLine,"SUCCESS:")<>0 Then Wscript.Echo "Got One!" objLogFile.WriteLine(Now & ": (" & iLoop & ") " & strLine) End If Loop End If Loop objLogFile.WriteLine("Script Completed; Timeoutvalue reached" & vbCrLf) objLogFile.WriteLine(Now & ":" & vbTab & WScript.ScriptFullName & " Ended." & vbCrLf) ---- End WizKilla.vbs ----- Hope this helps someone. Bruce

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