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  1. I'm looking for some advice and although I'm not sure I'll get it here, it probably can't hurt. First off, I'm not one of the programmers here, I'm here looking for some advice because they're too stubborn I work at a very small company that uses a CRM solution that has been developed inhouse. One of the programmers created a tool (in C#) that syncs all e-mail, calendar and contact changes from Exchange to our CRM and vice versa. Now that is pretty neat, unfortunately for some reason it's made the Exchange Store it's running on ridiculously slow. Since Blackberry is able to do the same thing without slowing down and/or crashing Exchange, I'm wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction to make our tool similarly fast. Like I said, I'm just looking for some advice so if you can give me a clue where to look to improve our app I'd be very grateful. If not, at least I tried. You already have my thanks for reading this.
  2. We've created a shared folder with a company's templates and used a registry hack to point the workgroup templates setting in Office to that folder. The users can see and use the templates just fine, but instead of friendly names they see the filenames. (so for example officetemplate.dot instead of 'Office Template') Is there any way to give them friendly names? Oh and while you're here, is there an easy way to make the template dialog pop up (like in Office 2000) instead of them having to use the template pane? Not the most drastic of questions I know, but I'd still like to create a nice environment to work in for our customers.
  3. Multiple RIS problems, please assist

    Oh well, even though nobody replied I managed to fix it. Now all I want to do is get my svcpack.inf working so I can integrate as many hotfixes as possible...
  4. First off, thank you very much for this great site and forum. It has become like a bible to me. At the moment I'm working on a RIS server during an internship, so it's both for school and work. We've gotten a batch (12) of Dell Optiplex GX620 systems and so it's the perfect time to setup and test RIS. Of course I've been running into problems from the get-go (drivers mostly), but I've managed to solve most of them with the help of this forum and its guides. But now I've run intoa couple of insurmountable problems. I've made (or at least tried to make) a RISetup image (Windows 2000 Professional) with drivers and applications. But the troubles start when Windows has been installed and the software is being installed during the RunOnceEx sequence. I keep getting errors about ks.sys, stream.sys and ie4uinit.exe. The strange thing is, I only get these errors when I install using RIS and not when I install a vanilla Windows 2000 Pro image using RIS and then manually install all the applications. When I'm back in the office on monday I'll post the more detailed error messages. What I've tried so far: - Installing the Chipset Drivers through RunOnceEx first and forcing a reboot - Removing several applications from the RunOnceEx list What I'm installing through RunOnceEx btw is DirectX 9.0c, Windows Media Player 9, dot Net Frameworks 1 & 2. If you need any more information (except the explicit error messages), please don't hesitate to ask.. I'm really hoping you guys can help me. Thanks in advance.