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  1. Well I did manage to load WinXP Pro. I used the SATA AHCI driver and everything went just great Now the problem started when I tried to run a dual boot screen at the startup. Win XP would boot up but Vista wouldn't. Vista was on partition 1 and XP Pro was on partiton 2 so when I created the Vista boot file in XP I just changed the partition number from 1 to 2 which is what I did on my desktop computer and had no problems running 2 copies of XP. So, I used my restore disk and restored Vista and got it up and running but now I cant create a new boot file in Vista because it doesnt recognize XP Pro which is still installed. I'll probably have to take this problem to another forum. Anyway, you have been a great help because I did get XP up and running.Thanks
  2. I am using WinXP Pro for multi track (music) recording and was told that setting it up as a Standard PC by using "f5" would be the best for my kind of setup. Thanks for the info
  3. When installing XP Pro "f5" can be pressed and you are given a few options and one of them is for running on computor with dual processors. Should this option be chosen when loading the OS on a newer duo core laptop or should I just choose "Standard PC" Thanks Ron L
  4. No problem. I have previously integrated such drivers for the gf of my mams and worked well. Im thinking of a similar HP pc. Simply start the exe file, it should unpack some files to c:\ or you could customize where you would extract them. ANYWAY: Simply, after extract, start nlite, goto Drivers page (after u copied XP cd to hddrive etc etc), and when choosing the drivers, you WILL have a question of this is textmode drivers or not. that should be a YES. *Im downloading your drivers now to check installer, it says : NOTE: The files needed at the F6 stage of the operating system installation can be located at: c:\swsetup\SP38088\files : SO Point NLITE to that directory on drivers page. answear yes to textmode if so. That text in installer.exe note pretty much confirmed it for me. Im not familiar with recent PhoenixBios. One thing that does come to mind, on a previous computer some years back, i had some many harddrives, about 10-12, and all were connected to system pata/sata connectors, it could not list all devices. However that not being the case here, Im interested in what you DID find. Anyway if u have PhoenixBios VERSION, i can look it up in a database and check what are the actual settings. I could start throwing out guesses, but time.. I think however that you might be running with raid controller enabled, but you havent actually enabled any RAID modes, that is you havent configured harddrives for raid configuration. And thus you wont see any such options either, as things not are, how do you say, language barrier, .. anyway, Check bios if you have any RAID options controller possibly activated. If you wont use raid on harddrives, (note multiple HDDrives), you do not need it enabled. period. It can be a pain to setup drives correctly, i know. But lets hope things work out! Great Since my laptop is 32 bit I had to point nLite to that folder and it had two *.inf files in it. I choose "iastor.inf" and it came up with a whole list of drivers to choose from: I also tried "iaahci.inf" and it came up with the same drivers. So, should I be getting in touch with HP and ask them which drivers I should use or is there another way? Or, should I choose all of the "mobile" drivers? Also, on another note: During initial installation of XP Pro I can press "f5" and choose from a range of "Standard PC" to "2 Processors". Since my laptop is a dual core which should I choose? I have been choosing "Standard PC" when I load it onto my single processor desktop. Im using XP Pro for multi track (music) recording and apparently this was better optimized for it. UPDATE I installed the "Intel® Matrix Storage Console" onto my Vista partition and it says that I have a "Intel®ICH8M SATA AHCI Controller" Now when I look at the available drivers in nLite should I choose (ICH8M-E/M) or (ICH8M-E) or both. The (ICH8M-E/M) is SATA AHCI and (ICH8M-E) is SATA RAID. (In my Vista "Start UP Manager" (msconfig) it shows that I have "RAID event monitor" from "Intel" running) Im so confused Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out. Ron L
  5. thank you very much for that info. I'll try and check on the bios and see if "ahci" is enabled. "F10" got me into the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility and I couldnt find any reference to SATA or AHCI. Could This be what Im looking for? Hope the link works!!
  6. Hi all If this has already been dealt with then Im sorry for re-posting and would appreciate a re-direct. My laptop is a HP dv6000 with Vista Premium and the hard drive is a Western Digital WD2500BEVS 250gig SATA laptop hard drive. I have set up another primary partition and would like to run WinXp Pro on it. I was directed to the Western Digital download page and was told that the drivers were in Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2 for DOS (CD). They recommend using the Dos drivers but when I run NLite and try and add the single driver it asks for an *.inf file and there isnt one in the "Dos" folder. There is an "autorun.inf" file in the main folder that I tried to load and it started loading some of the setup files in the main directory so I created an *.ISO and tried installing XP Pro, pressed "f6" to instal 3rd party raid drivers but it still wouldnt recognize the hard drive. Im really new at this and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ron L
  7. Takeshi Thanks for that nfo...I'll give it a try. As far as I know its not illegal to have a dual boot system. I have WinXP Pro installed twice on my desktop PC and when I first did it a few years ago I had assistance from Microsoft. I have a non OEM version on my desktop PC. I think the reason why its an unattended install on my laptop is because most people dont know how to install windows on they're own so this makes it a lot easier. Thanks again..Ron L
  8. Thanks for your reply and your point is understood. I have been just asking for assistance and I cant seem to find the answer here. Im not getting anything from you or the previous poster above you. Sorry, I was told that this was the place to be for this kind of advice and if you read all of the threads of my post it seems like i'm just getting a run around..What gives?(I could be wrong..I've been wrong before) Anyway, as soon as I put the disc in it doesnt give me any options like a regular install of WInXP. IT just starts installing on its own so I guess it is an unattended install. Ron L
  9. Did the search that you suggested and I didn't find anything. If you dont mind me asking: Why dont you just give me the proper link Anyway, I already do have two operating systems installed on my laptop. What I did was this: I made a drive image (ISO) of my C drive. Then I copied it into my E partition (D is the repair partition that came with the computer). Then I used Partition Magic to change the drive letter E to C. So, I have two C partitions and it works. Instead of this I would like to be able to install the operating system on my E drive and not have to change the drive letter. Thats why I posted this question here. Later..Ron L
  10. Hi all Not sure if this is the right forum but I'll give a try. I just installed the latest version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer shuts down whenever I try to open a *.pdf file on a web-site. Antone else have this problem? Not sure if this is MCE related or not. Ron L
  11. Sorry, I should have mentioned that Im a newbie here. It would really help if you could be a bit more specific with regards to what Im looking for. I noticed a lot of incredible information that is on the WinXp unnattended install forum, Im just not sure what applies to me. Thanks for trying anyway Take care..Ron L
  12. Hi all I posted this question on another forum here and I was told that I could find that info here. I would like to remove the preset installation destination from an OEM disk so that I can install WinXP MCE (OEM) onto another partition. I believe that the OEM (WinXP MCE) disc that came with my laptop is an unattended instalation. Im prety that sure that it is legal to do this since I have a dual boot system on my desktop PC running an non OEM version of XP Pro. Your help would be greatly appreciated Ron L
  13. Thanks I'll check it out. Is the info already there or do I have to ask? Thanks again..Ron L
  14. Hi Im not sure if this is the right place but I hope you all dont mind me asking!!! I would like to install WinXP MCE (OEM) that came with my laptop onto a second partition. Its seems that the install disc is configured to only install the operationg system into partition C and wont even give me the option off installing it into partition E. Will Windows Installation Helper do this for me? Thanks for taking the time to read my question. Ron L
  15. First off I must ask: Is this legal? I would like to install 2 operating systems on my laptop computer using the OEM version of WinXP MCE. I created another partition but when I use the install disc that came with my computer it will only install it in the default partition C. Am I able to modify the disc so that I will be able to install it onto the other partition. Im running WinXP Pro on my desktop (not OEM) and it will allow me to install as many as I like. If this isnt illegal then is it possible to do? Thanks..Ron L
  16. Hi Since no one is responding, does this mean that it cant be done? Thanks..Ron L
  17. Hi all I would like to install 2 operating systems on my laptop using the WinXP MCE 2005 disc that came with it. I created the second partition but the problem that Im having is this: My windowsxp disc will only install onto the first partition ©. How can I go about changing it so that it runs like a regular WinXP install disc which will give me the option of choosing which partition it will install into? I also have a small repair partition (D) installed on my laptop. Can I also change that? This will be my very first time using this great little program so I would really appreciatte your help. Thanks..Ron L (rluka)
  18. Yes, I installed the latest bios (1006) and not the beta. Its not the CPU because I just had it tested and it works fine. Thanks..Ron L
  19. Yes, my motherboard supports a 2.4P4. And the CPU was packaged very well. The seller has a very good reputation. Oh, what to do My motherboard supports up to a 2.4P4, 400FSB, 512cache and thats what his 2.4 CPU is..400FSB, 512cache, 478pin. The back of the CPU reads: Pentium4 2.4GHZ/512/400/1.525v SL6GS MALAY L245A639-8388
  20. I changed the Bios setting to automatidcally detect the CPU speed and my computer just hang. I think the CPU is hooped. Bought it off Ebay..What do you think? My motherboard is set to "jumper free". Let me know if Im getting it right. Thanks..Ron L
  21. I installed the 2.4 CPU and nothing happened when I tried to boot up. I reinstalled my 1.8 (I thought it was a 1.6) CPU and it opened up in the Bios settings, Advanced mode, where all of the CPU settings are. There is a note in RED on the right side saying: "During the last boot-up, your sytem hung for an improper CPU spead setting. Your system is now working in safe mode. To optimize the system performance and reliabilitry, make sure the CPU speed conforms to the specifications of your CPU." Now what do I do? My 1.9P4 CPU runs at 1.500v and I noticed that the 2.4 has a 1.525v stamped on it. Does this make a difference? Thanks again for all of your help. Ron L
  22. I had it built on an Asus P4B266-C motherboard.Im pretty sure its the stock P4 fan. Also, how much 'Thermal Coumpound' should I use? Thanks for all of your replies
  23. Hi All Im upgrading my older P4 1.6 CPU to a 2.4. I cant figure out how to get the fan off the top of the CPU. I know this probably sounds pretty dumb..but I need some help here. Also..will I need to make any changes to the Bios settings? Im running WinXP Pro. Any pointers on something that Im missing would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks..RonL
  24. What I have done and seems to work is this: I created an equal sized partition with Partition Magic. I made an Drive Image of my "C" partition and loaded it it into my new "E" partition. I then went into "System Properties/Advanced/System startup, etc" and placed a check mark next to "Time to display list of operating systems" Then I opened "Edit" and added another line so that it would show 2 operating systems at bootup. I pointed the new line to partition 3 in my case. (Drive "E") I rebooted, The boot menu came up and I booted up WinXP on partition "E" ang it worked. Now here is the small problem that I had and Im not sure if this corrected it: When I opened up the "Registry Editor" (regedit) all of the installed software was still pointing to the original "C" drive so I loaded another copy of Partition Magic onto the "E" drive and changed the name of "E" to "C". (I had to change the other drives as well) Now I have 2 "C" drives. Does anyone here know if that was the correct thing to do OR: Could I have just left it as "E" even though everything in the Reistry is pointing to "C"? Ron L I do have a 1386 folder. I also have a "PRELOAD" folder.
  25. Hi all Please let me know if this is the proper forum for this question. I just purchased a Gateway Notebook with WinXP Media Center installed. I would like to be able to install another copy of this operating system onto another partition. The problem is this: My laptop comes with a complete windows install CD but it will only boot automatically to Drive C and act as a repair disc. I phoned Gatway and they said that it was possible but they wouldnt tell he how it could be done. When the disc is installed everything is done automatically so I cant make any choices at bootup. Anyone here know how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..Ron L (rluka)...

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