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  1. I found... I was trying to find info about Flash label..but its calls LabelFlash And here is some info about it, for those whos is like my At the IFA, NEC exhibited a wide range of new drives which not only support DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W) but also, for the first time, DVD-RAM. Initially introduced by Yamaha Corp, LabelFlash is an alternative technology to Lightscribe. LabelFlash technology was introduced by Yamaha back in 2002 with the name "Disc T@2", and is able to burn (laser) custom motifs, lettering or images onto the top side of DVD blanks. LabelFlash technology simplifies the labeling of self-burned DVDs – e.g. for archiving – and also enables creative DVD design. It eliminates the need for complex adhesive labeling systems and considerably enhances the durability of the media because, especially in the case of DVD blanks, the label can make the medium unreadable LabelFlash delivers high image quality because it enables 256 brightness shades. The labeling process takes around five minutes to produce excellent quality results. One special feature is that both the top side and the data side of the blank can be labeled – provided that there is enough available memory. LabelFlash can be used for any blanks with a writable top surface. On these media, the labeled top surface is covered by a 0.6 millimeter-thick protect layer which ensures that even labels that are exposed to light are extremely durable. Competitive technology Lightscribe currently does not offer multi-color disc labeling and also the image burning process takes 30min. The updated Lightscribe technology is expected in the following months and will also come with specific enhancements in labeling quality.
  2. 4GB ? in DVD fills 4.7GB [4.5], so there is no magic
  3. Your question sounds like an alien language Edit it. And if you asking how to edit an iso file - there is a good boy UltraIso - program. Or WinRar, 7zip and others...
  4. Why need to make all this stuff? With nLite you can very simple as a.b.c integrate drivers.
  5. Don't be a F*** looser and read the forum across and you will never again please so stupid..make for me cause Im newbie... ha..make ur self.
  6. coorrel why your progressbar is green? I think the best solution is black. Or dark red.
  7. Hello guys. I wonder about NEC flash label technology in their DVD-+RW roms. Its replaces Lightscribe technology and it is in COLORS... Flash label suppports 256 colors, and I wonder - how can laser make colored labels on any CD/DVD? Can someone tell me about it....
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