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  1. I eventually got so despirate that I again wiped the system and reinstalled. This time I made a point to install the PowerDVD patch before all the Microoft updates. The system now works like a charm. I have been running it for a week now with no problems. Oh, and to answer the two questions above, yes the 81.98 drivers do seem to work better. Also, yes you will have the problem with the driver CD (ASUS sees MCE as different from XP). I just did a manual install using the hardware wizard and the dirvers seem to work fine.
  2. I check both of those and nothing came up. As for the background processes, there are no unusual ones that I know of, unless there are certain one you'd recommend shutting down.
  3. Before I ask my question, let me give you my specs. ASUS P5VD1-X MB Intel P4 3.0GHz (800MHz FSB LGA 775) CPU 1 G PC3200 RAM (2x512) ASUS NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Video Card AOpen Cobra 850 Sound Card Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 MCE AverMedia AverTVHD (A180) Maxtor 2B020H1 (20 GB) HHD (System) Segate ST380011A (80 GB) HHD Recording Media Center 2005 Power DVD 6 (w/ Patch) The problem I am having is that whenever I try to watch TV, the system completely locks up. This happens with both live and recorded and analog and digital (however, my TV viewing is almost exclusively watching recorded analog shows). I will usually get about 2 min into the show before this happens. Also everyone and a while MCE behaves and it doesn't happen. Another problem is that in addition to my difficulties with viewing TV, MCE sometimes locks up when I try to use the radio function. Not sure if this is related to the TV problem or not. Over Christmas, I complete rebuilt my system to get better performance and it was working very well for a few weeks. Now, this problem surfaces. I have tried reinstalling my decoders (i.e. Power DVD), Windows Media Player, and even Media Center iteself (which did fix the problem for 2 days). My system passes all the DirectX tests and also the MS decoder check. When I run MCE diagnostic, I get a a warn on "All Video Connections meet D3D9 caps requirements" for "optionals not met." Other then that everything meet all the MS specs. I am running the latest (as of Jan 1) drivers for my sound and both TV tuners and the 77.79 NVIDIA drivers. Thanks!

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