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  1. GreenMachine this works perfectly and although i have not tried it, it should also fixed the issue of the drive letter XP is being installed from. Thanks a lot, I really mean it as it makes my unattended CD 1 step closer to total unattended. A few question: 1. Where do I put the created cmd file on my CD (I think it would be the OEM folder). 2. At what point do I call the cmd file (I think before RunOnce application & drivers installations). 3. How do I call the cmd file. thanks, Kal ...
  2. Hi It keeps returning the 'Windows Script Host' error in line 31, just before asking what to change the drive letter to. This line is where the error is: For Each objVolume in colVolumes could it be the variables are not supported in XP? Also, is it possible to change the CD-Rom Drive Letter in the Windows PE environment before installation begins? Any help would be much appriciated. Kalz ...
  3. Hi Gunsmokingman Thanks for compling the application for me. When I run the app I get an WINDOWS SCRIPT Host error (see Screenshot). Any suggestion? Thanks again, Kal
  4. Hi Gunsmokingman Where would I put this VB Script? Will I need to create my own application and run it as soon as XP is installed and then run the once run to install other applications? Please help, Kal ...
  5. Hi I am wanting to change the drive letter of my CD-Rom drive from the Default. I have 2 partitions on my Hard Disk which are automatically assigned to Drive C: and Drive D: By default Win XP assigns the next letter (E:) to my CD-Rom but during unattended setup I would like to assign the letter X: to my CD-Rom. I know I could do this after setup has finished form computer management but I am wanting to do this with no user input. If anyone knows how to do this or even if it is possible or not your help would be very much appriciated. Thanks in advance, Kal ...
  6. Where do i get 5270 DDK from?
  7. Hi That didn't work because the Vista DVD is in UDF format and when you add the folder it saves the new image in both ISO and UDF formats which makes the DVD not operationing in Windows.
  8. What software would you recommend for adding to the ISO?
  9. Hi The problem is not building the ISO, it is getting the ISO to be bootable, as the boot sector seams to be different in Vista.
  10. Hi (I am new to this forum and need help) I have the Windows Vista Beta 2, Build 5270 DVD and it works fine on my system. A am tring to add drivers and applications to this DVD so I have one DVD with all the files I need, but keep the DVD as bootable. I have copied the DVD to my HD and also extracted the "Microsoft Corporation.img" from the DVD. I then add a folder called Applications to the folder where Windows Vista is on my HD. When I make an ISO with CDImage and use the "Microsoft Corporation.img" as the boot file the DVD won't boot. It works fine when installing via Windows XP, but not as
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