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  1. Hi All !

    I want to scream.... I have followed all the directions.. to the letter.

    Used resource hacker to load sysdm.cpl. I them went to Dialogue, 101, 1033 and deleted the top BMP place holder, streched the bottom one to the proper size. All is well so far.

    I them went and press the compile script button, then I go to file, save. So far so good.

    If I leave resource hacker running and hit windows+break, it shows up properly. BUT, as soon as I exit resource hacker.... it all returns to normal.

    AGGGHHH !!!!

    I even went and saved somewhere else and copied the file into the system32 folder, but still nothing.

    Could someone please help me out and explain what I am doing wrong ???

    Thanks !

    Combat Smurf

    Same Problem

    Please any one have sysdm Modified and working well please upload it

    please help :}:}

  2. You can avoid it by creating a .mst file that prevents it from running after installation. You need something like Installshield to create MST files tho. You could also edit the MSI file directly with orca.

    My mst is attached. I've tested it at T-13 with wihu, and also while running in fully installed windows, it works fine in both cases

    If anyone wants details of what I changed let me know and I'll post. Can't remember off the top o fmy head, but I think I dropped an entry from CustomAction and changed to other values of 1 to 0. They were pretty obvious

    I think This will work but i wanna to know what exactly i have to do

    iam using Windows Unattended CD Creator so my way to make my unattended cd is RunOnceEx

    thanks a lot

    sorry for my english

  3. i wanna to know how to add lines to my cd

    Now in cmdlines.txt or the GuiRunOnce section of your unattend file, put this:

    bootcfg /RAW /A /Kernel=OEMKrnl.exe /ID 1

    bootcfg /Timeout 0

    In your unattend file, make sure you have this:





    i made my cd by Windows Unattended CD Creator and i have those java scripts RunOnceEx & konten

    in my winnt.sif file



    so how can i made that ???

  4. Thanks a Lot for your help

    i am using Windows Unattended CD Creator so shall i follow the stips in last link or there will be any change ?? and how will i but the them in the cd ??

    i am very glad for the fast reply

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