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  1. Hi all I am connecting to the internet with a dial-up connection. When i connect to the internet the IP address which i am getting is 115.241.*.* and the subnet mask as I would like to know is this subnet mask faulty or is it correct. As far as my knowledge goes subnet mask cant be Is it an ivalid subnet mask??? Will this have any adverse effect in my internet connection.?? I am able to browse all sites. but one of my online racing game is giving an error message "cannot connect to the game server", eventhough the game server is running fine. It this got anything to do with that??? Hope to get this issue solved Thanks in advance
  2. Error Downloading topics

    Thanks.Now its working fine.
  3. Error Downloading topics

    Actually it has got 29 pages and while downlading printer frendly version i am able to get upto around 20-25 pages beyond that its not showing. Please check out for the printer friendly version of this topic, then you will understand what i mean SOLVED: drivers from CD, possible even without winnt.sif
  4. Hello I was going through the "Device Drivers _ SOLVED: drivers from CD" after downloading the printable version of that topic. But after reading through the topic i found that the file that i downloaded has got the last post dated "Jan 9 2005, 11:22 AM". But actually when i checked online it has got posts as latest as "Mar 18 2006, 03:22 PM ". Then why am i not been able to download the full topic. Plase help me out of this problem Thanks in advance Shijilal