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  1. Hi All..still loving 1.1... My automated install has the feature turned ON that allows the FULL XP professional version to be shown in the bottom of the right hand corner of my desktop. I would really like to remove this to have a cleaner desktop... Can anyone tell me where the full registry entry is to tweak this into the OFF state...?? Huge thanks for thinkin' on this one.. obviously:) !
  2. This is VERY fascinating as I do not YET know how to do an unattended xp sp2 WITH a C: and D: partitioning scheme automatically. It appears I can SET the size of partitions ! fab! Thank you! Will read thoroughly.
  3. Hi! Edited my winnt.sif all went well as unattended though when I install programs I get the asterick for the user name. as in photo below. Any ideas why?
  4. MOSt cool.... thanks....I'll try a manual vibe tonight and write back hopefully CLEARLY hehehe ..So again.. major THAnks GENTS!
  5. TOPLINE: the problem is that the Asterick become the name that some programs audoymatically put in for your acceptance [or you can change] WHEN you install a program manually [just regular program install] after installing XP Thanks...yeah, nLite IS a variable at this point as I've not created a fully manual winnt.sif.... JUst to take the other side I'd GUESS that whatever I do IF I put this [and what above in my post here] IN the .sif I might get the NAME being asterick .... This is WHEN I install a program manually AFTER installing XP.. Cool! Any ideas on this....?? Can I be JUSt the Administrator and NOT have asterick do funny stuff like above.... I'd better just go for it rather than try to detail it all here... Just keen to have ONLY one user Administrator ....with NO name and NO password... thanks! So at thi IF I do AdminPassword = *
  6. OBJECTIVE: to have 'Administrator' as the only user with NO password set on fully inattended install. I worked with nLite for a while and learned a lot. I plan to do a few things MANUALLY [not using nLite] to create a fully unattended install with the deploy stuff for XP pro final official SP2 [not slipstreamed] corporate. After the install when I install programs I'd like Administrator to be automatically put in the user field for the program I'm installing as many of them audtomatically do. I get an asterick instead as the default name for some program installs which is a concern. Why I'd like to know... When I used nLite Before creating ISO I edited the winnt.sif as below. IF I did NOT put the asterick in the winnt.sif [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword = * I would get an error dialog box which would force me to NAME the user ... I was removing the password as when I would install programs it would pop in an asterick as the NAME of the user for the install of the program.. ! Could a guru here tell me IF it's possible to have Administrator with NO password in a fully unattended install and WHEN I install a program after install have 'Administrator' as the user name for the program install. Main problem is HAVING to put the asterick * for the admin password and then leaving admin name blank as nLite does GuestName = "" AdminName = "" Causes me to get an Asterick * as the user name when I install programs.... What exactly is nLite doing with the Options list below?? Hope that's clear enough... HUGE thanks for reading.... this one's really stopped me cold. --------- WINNT.SIF sections ------- [unattended] UnattendMode = FullUnattended UnattendSwitch = Yes OemPreinstall = Yes OemSkipEula = Yes TargetPath = "SYSTEM" ProgramFilesDir = "D:\Applications" CommonProgramFilesDir = "D:\Applications\Common" FileSystem = * WaitForReboot = No NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1 DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore Hibernation = No [GuiUnattended] ProfilesDir = "D:\Users" AutoLogon = Yes EncryptedAdminPassword = No AdminPassword = * TimeZone = 085 OEMSkipRegional = 1 OemSkipWelcome = 1 ------------ nlite Last session section ----- [TargetPath was renamed to > "SYSTEM" before creating ISO] [Options] GuestName = "" AdminName = "" ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings" ProgFilesPath = "C:\Program Files" TargetPath = "WINDOWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp AdvTweaks isovol = WinLite isoatt = -allow-multidot -relaxed-filenames -allow-leading-dots -N -l -d -D -joliet-long -duplicates-once -no-emul-boot -b boot.bin -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog --------------
  7. So cool. Having done my 20 nLite runs I feel like I'm ready to do one to roll it out and work! Yeah, i read once an example with Microsoft Money hardcoding C drive into the installer which could be gotten around by temporarily creating a program files folder on C:.... hehehe this is probably a very simple example and there likely a lot more insideously hard to figure probs that could happen... Anyways... for me it's the lengthof the names [documents and setting grrr] and that a LOT of things are in there that I don't wanna loose... Having them all on D: with the programs SEEMED like a great idea.. Just reinstall windows.. copy my programs folder writing over the new one on D: and the same with my Docs and settings folders [booting off a BartPE cd I'd thought] and then banging in the old registry and away we go... Nope I've found out.. lot's of weirdness with protected programs etc. I'd STILL like to rename AND have them on D: as the setting and stuff are crucial to audio and video work I'd say. After reading Bold's delete and tweak monster treatise I'm thinking hey, if I learn pretty much every file and kill TONS of stuff I may never have to reinstall again ...um, sorta.... So.... can I do ALL tweaks after install? And I am thinking that it's really just the fear of tweaks not getting applied to the only user 'Adminstrator '[me!] that I'm concerned about... I will have to be very conservative with my first build I guess.. Gee.... I DO wish there was some way I could have all my progs and setting on D: reinstall Windows onto C: [with a dummy partition for the reinstalled fresh D: stuff... then... ... rename D: to something like S: and take myt REAL D: drive partition and rename it back to D: and voila..!!! on I go with a NEW build of WINDOWS on C: Sounds great to me.... though I'd have to find some Guru way to collect the micro-bits that the installing of my programs puts in the C: drive in the WINDOWS folder.. THIS would be my greatest achievement... IF I could make a BETTER unattended install and 'trick' in my programs and settings partition as D: drive... Hope that's clear... Could be possible though several of my programs have protection and who knows what that goes into Windows folder... hmmm... maybe it IS possible...??? I DO know that I 'm gonna wanna do a new install if I get a better unattended made down the road ... thinkin!
  8. Making multiple Users.

    Just one thing I noticed. With VMware even If I formatted the partitions it recalled old users. [and added things litle .WINDOWS and .PC's NAME to the end of multiple extra users names. I had to create a new machine in VMware to get clean users. I know this isn't what you're trying to sort out... Just wanted to mention.
  9. Hi! Truly great to be here: I'd love to go into TOO much detail [as I really like to get things obsessively right] though I'll just top line it here. OBJECTIVE: a just for my use, Unattended install IDEALLY with just one user. [Administrator] I hope to delete or not create 'default user' and also hope to nuke out [as per Bold Fortune style] lots of stuff in the All Users folders. and then a lot more AFTER install. For all the eye opening things I've studied here, and at the nLite forum, elsewhere and at Bold's forum two main things stick in mky head as beliefs. [happy to be corrected of course!] 1) nLite orders the events or removing and tweaking right and yet, it can't be as detailed as hand picking what to delete. Also, nLite can have quite a few gotchas. 2) There seems to be a RIGHT time [T-12] to apply some registry tweaks OR supposedly they may not be applied to all user OR maybe not at all !!!!!! I really need to know the GURU's way of: Removing as much as possible for my TWO required Unattended Installs [one for general use, office, internet, a bit of everything AND, my second unattended build, which will have NO internet, though will have basic LANing, and lots of stuff for video and audio work. (audio card has own drivers)] SO: Can anyone tell me how much and/or what I SHOULD remove and tweak during creation of unattended builds and then what can be 'oh so cleanly deleted and tweaked using Bold Fortune's cool experiences. I plan to use winnt.sif to rename the WINDOWS folder to SYSTEM and the Documents and Setting to Users and the Program Files / Common Files to Applications / Common. And the rename Users and Applications will all go on D: drive with the SYSTEM on C: drive. Is it messy to tweak and delete after install is basically what I'm trying to find out. AND, exactly WHAT is best to totally remove [and obviously When if relevant] during the Unattended builds. I'll be going over and over all the reading here in the tutorials though there's just SO MANY things that the GURU types know... You can be certain i'll be thrilled to learn anything that puts this fascinating subject to use in my little world... Very Best wishes to all...
  10. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    Respectfully, a few of us found it great here. Just a balancing comment here really. Really think the wiki idea would cover the bases of course... No better way at present so Thank You and yeah, it's a long list!