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  1. I have 3 nearly identicial gateway pc's, 450mhz, 64+ meg ram that I recently applied the sp to. Since the sp's install the pc's will no longer autologin using tweakui. The pc will boot up without issue but no login (ms windows at first since then added ms's novell client). TCPIP is functional but no file sharing services, fails to browse the network. Log the pc out and then back in and seems fine. However, the pc is not seen in the workgroup from any other pc except one of the 3 the sp is applied to. Most of my pc's are xp...they can't connect to or view any shares, but the win98 pc's can. Up until I loaded this sp this was never an issue. These pc's are part of old time clock system which are always on. Because of the program I can't upgrade to a newer os and on those rare occassions when a power outage lasts longer than the ups the pc's are useless for their intended process until they can be manually logged in.

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