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  1. Bachus: ref.chm is sort of a sterilized list of supported tools and methods. There are quite a few undocumented hacks. Lingvo: If it's not working for you, you're either doing something wrong or you don't have access to the d: partition during text-mode setup as I specified before. Try using ProgramFilesDir=\Programs in your unattend.txt file. If you end up with a Programs directory instead of Program Files, you will know you're doing it correctly. If you still end up with a Program Files directory, you will know you are doing something wrong. In that case, paste your unattend.txt here and tell us what you're doing and we'll see if we can help.
  2. The way you can do what you want is by modifying your unattend.txt/winnt.sif. Modify the following lines as necessary. [unattended] ProgramFilesDir=d:\Programs CommonProgramFilesDir=d:\Programs\Common Without specifying those lines, XP will default to \Program Files and \Program Files\Common Files respectively, where \ represents the root of the partition onto which you are installing Windows. Note that the [unattended] section contains items that are applicable during text-mode setup, so you will need to have access to the desired target partition at that time. This may or may not be true in your case.

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