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  1. Thank you for the reply. I am using vmware to test. The WatchDriverSigningPolicy would not work in my instance, so I wrote a vb6 exe that basically uses a timer control at 500ms and does an AppActivate "Digital Signature Not Found" and then sendkeys "Y", True. Not as efficient as Pyron's c+ version and is 16Kb vs. Pyron's 4K. This worked for my vmware. Also, I don't know if this is the right forum for video drivers, but you can get more than 640x480 in VMWare during the setup when the logon box finally pops up. After you do the vm iso boot and go through all phases of the setup, you can in
  2. I have 4 questions on the Simple Method. 1. Can I delete the C:\Drivers folder in T-13? 2. If my entire Driver collection is compressed, how will Windows respond if I have to reinstall a specific pnp hardware? 3. If I delete C:\Drivers at T-13, what will happen if I introduce a hardware later that was not installed during setup, but was in my Drivers.7z on the CD (all drivers compressed)? 4. Is this compatible with Windows 2000?
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