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  1. Hi All, After many different approaches to enable the quick launch toolbar i finally found a way that works without the use of nasty registry imports. I Wrote a little vbs code to get this thing done and it can be lauched from the post setup (ex. runonce). You can try it yourself by cutting and pasting the code below into a textfile and call it like quicklaunch.vbs or something like that. set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.SendKeys("^{ESC}") WScript.Sleep 100 WshShell.SendKeys("{TAB}") WScript.Sleep 100 WshShell.SendKeys("%~") WScript.Sleep 100 WshShell.SendKeys("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}") WshShell.SendKeys(" ") WshShell.SendKeys("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}") WshShell.SendKeys("~") Hope this helps some people with the automatic toggling of the quicklaunch.
  2. Thanks for the reply's! Stupid that i didn't saw that.. opened the custom.osc and found the variable hehe I have edited the login.osc with an extra user input named "MACHINENAME". Will test this tomorrow because we did some ip changes (new domain, new range) and had to wait on England to give the DNS a push.
  3. Hi, We are busy setting up a new RIS server in 2003AD and everything is (almost) working fine. (some tweaking to be done) Because we work with asset tags on the computer we want to give the machine name the name of the asset tag. An option is to rename this after the first login.. this is what we don't want! Is there an option\tutorial so we can use this as a variable from choice.osc (or other file) when going into pboot? Thanks in advance

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