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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    What I want to do is to install the drivers for the RAID class Controller from a functional WIN XP, if I integrate I will have to do a full repair of my copy of WIN XP, form the CD. I wish simply to install the correct driver, my Win XP SP2 is running on the Sil controller, in Device Mannager I have: SCSI and RAID Controllers Unknown Device (this is the nForce RAID Class Controller) Sillicon Image Sil 3114 SoftRaid Controller (wich is functional and my 2 HD are connected to it) My guess is that if I fix the problem and install "nForce RAID Class Controller" I will be able to unplug both disk from the Sil controller and plug them into the nVidia SATA controller, and my RAID will work ok, and perhaps, faster. This seems "loco" but I already do it form a VIA based mainboard to nForce, aparently the info in the drives is similar in several RAID systems, I had to reconfigure the RAID controller by pressing F4 and setup the RAID in the new mainboard, by specify "Don not delete data", then it simply boot like charm. The hard way will be: unplug both dirves form the Sil and connect them to the nVidia SATA Controller (in the same order), then boot from a Win XP integrated CD and perform a repair of the previous system. This is complicated, and the main problem is that I cannot make a Gosth copy of my RAID 0 to the IDE drive anymore, Gosth post some error too, so I'm trapper in the Sil controller for now and I cannot do complex test becouse I risk to loose Win XP, and believe me, I had programs installed that I cannot loose. Alejandro P.S: I tryed the floppy with the WinXP/Legacy folder from the 6.70 but keep reciving the error.
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Can anyone tell me is there's a way to make a functional NVIDIA nForce™ RAID Class Controller driver diskete whitout integrating in the XP CD, I had my Windows installed since 2003, I have change my mobo several times and went from several disk subsystems, sometimes RAID 0 and others just plain IDE config. When a abandon a RAID 0 config I usually Ghost my RAID to a singe IDE drive to be recogniced by Win XP when it boots from the new mainboard, then, I make my RAID 0 from scratch and boot from the IDE drive, I install all the drivers I need for the new motherboard (including the RAID drivers) and then I Ghost back to the newly RAID 0 and unplug the IDE drive. When the RAID 0 boots, it allready have all the drivers it needs, the spare IDE drive is then deleted and used as manual backup for the files in the RAID. This procedure was imposible with the NVidia RAID Class Controller, it keeps giving the error: There was a problem installing this harware NVIDIA nForce™ RAID Class Controller An error occurred during the installation of this device The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it." and some times the "Access Denied" one, so I must use the Sil RAID drivers that works perfectly, the problem is that since I had a couple of Hitachi SATA I 80GB I cannot complain so much, the performance is very good, but I had another MSI K8N Neo4 for my father and he had 2 WD160JS, SATA II that are conencted to the Sil controller for the obvious reazons. Is there a way to make a valid floppy disk with the drivers? Alejandro My PC: MB: MSI K8N Neo4 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 512 MB Kingston Valueram 333Mhz 2x Hitachi deskstar 80GB SATA 1 1x WD 160GB IDE PSU: Generic 450Whatts Strong line Video: MSI gForce NX6600GT-TD128E My Father: MB: MSI K8N Neo4 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester 2 x256 MB Kingston ValueRam 333Mhz (dual channel) 2x WD160JS SATA II PSU: Generic 450Whatts Strong line Video: generic gForce 6200 based PCI-e