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  1. Winnt.sif Program Ver 1.0 Released!

    Thanks b0r3d!! The program work perfekt My problem was the WinRAR, but a new Version, and it works Very good and useful prog!!
  2. Winnt.sif Program Ver 1.0 Released!

    Thanks :flowers: So i try it with WinRAR
  3. Winnt.sif Program Ver 1.0 Released!

    thanks AaronXP! But i got the same problem. I got a error, that he can`t read the archive I got UltimateZip, because i`m on my Work, not at Home At Home I got WinRAR, but do you really think, it is a problem of my program? It`s the first Time, that i got problem with it Can you send me the WINNTSIF.exe? PLEASE. And whats with compatibility with W2K? Does it work or is it just for XP? Thanks
  4. Winnt.sif Program Ver 1.0 Released!

    Hello. This prog looks very coool! But if i download it (every version), i got the rar-file, but i can`t unpack it What`s wrong? Are the files corrupt? Have anyone tried it ot? I tried it from this site: http://www.screemer.screemer.nu/Windows%20...tuff/winnt.sif/ And from the original bor3d site. It doest work!!!! Please HELP!!! Bye
  5. I take a Image ot my "PQ Volume Manager 2.0" Bootdisk with Winimage as VMDos.ima. I take it as a "run vmdos.ima" into my diskemu.cmd. If I want to start it, it boot, start the vmdos.com and then I got the "Error:600 Cannot made a batchfile" (not the exact message, because translating from German Errormassage). What can I do? The Autoexec.bat looks: @ECHO OFF PROMPT $P$G SET PATH=a:\ SET dircmd=,/p/o:g a:\mouse.com a:\vmdos.exe And in the Config.sys is this: files=10 buffers=10 stacks=9,256 Maybe i must change anythink? But what? Hope, anybody can help :excited: Bye
  6. Multiboot Cd Dont Boot!?!

    HI Look at this Topic http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?showtopic=9478 I hope, this way make the Bootfiles for Win2003. C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT - rename this folder to BOOT (all capital letters) If it works, I say it, okay? But just tomorrow, because today I don`t have time Bye
  7. Multiboot Cd Dont Boot!?!

    s*** I forget to delete the Files in the I386 folder I try out and say if it works or not. Big THANKS Vito PS: Do you know where can I get Bootimages for Win2003 Standart Edition? On Microsoftsite I can`t find anything.
  8. Multiboot Cd Dont Boot!?!

    Where on the XP cd are the Files? I can`t find any *.img files. And if I copy the Files from Microsoft, there are 6 Images, not 4. But it not work with this
  9. Ie6sp1 Unattendet Error

    Good Idea Alanoll. AaronXP, what do you think about it?
  10. Unattended Install Win2kpro Install Problem

    Thats so not right AaronXP. If you got a Multiboot cd with XP, W2K, Win2003 and so on, you must do the winnt.sif into the bootfolder. For Example, if you want to boot w2k and have a bootfolder wpro (where are the files from your bootdiskimages), you must copy the winnt.sif into the wpro folder. Hope I can help
  11. Ie6sp1 Unattendet Error

    @ Vito & GreenMachine Thanx. I take the IE6 setup in the CMDLINES.TXT and IT WORKS !!!
  12. Ie6sp1 Unattendet Error

    @ AaronXP What do you mean with "I think I should make a german subforum under Unattended XP CD" ? I don`t like a forum just for the Germans, but its sometimes really heavy to find the right words in English In such cases I try to explain in German, in Hope that at least the german Boys understand what I mean and can help me In this spirit: I try and learn
  13. Ie6sp1 Unattendet Error

    @Thanatos We try to speak your Language, but its not works every time. I would like to see, how it looks if you try German Would you like to try? Peace at all
  14. Multiboot Cd Dont Boot!?!

    Thanks. But with Bootfiles I mean: Where have you the Files, which are in the XPPR & XPPU Folders, from?? The same just in German: Woher hast du die Dateien, welche du in den XPPR & XPPU Ordnern hast? Wenn ich die von der Microsoftseite nehme (winxpsp1_de_pro_bf.exe), kommen lauter Meldungen, dass Dateien nicht gefunden werden und ich muss die Installation abbbrechen.
  15. Multiboot Cd Dont Boot!?!

    PPS: The Bootfile from Microsoft mean: winxpsp1_de_pro_bf.exe