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  1. I have Avermedia Cardbus Plus (E501) + Remote Control. Can i make this remote to my Media Center Remote.
  2. new question. is there a way, with some other program, to use avertv remote to control your pc?
  3. Device name is Avermedia cardbus plus (E501)+Remote I plug it in to PCMCIA.
  4. Those sites were helpful, but i still can't get my remote to work. Is it possible trought a PCMCIA device i have. Winlirc doesn't recognize any buttons from my remote, even if i should have right configuration file(studio 203) from lirc configurations site
  5. Can anyone please explain me, how can I use my remote for Avertv to control different applications. I found that winlirc is a very common program to do that, but i don't understand how to use it. I have winXP and winlirc 0.6.5.
  6. so far i have xcopy /Y "C:\Documents and Settings\Kristjan\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile" "D:\$OEM$\$1\Install\Opera\profile" /I /E So how should i add /exclude if i don't want cache4 and images form opera profile to be copied.
  7. How should be the /exclude feature used. i can't find right syntax. Can anyone give me an example, how to exclude a dir. For example i want to copy opera profile to directory C:\XP without directories cache4 and images.
  8. Not heard from anyone. Can anyone at least tell me, where to look for it.
  9. At first when i discovered this little prog i was amazed how much can it to, but now there seem to be some errors with it and the developer is to busy to to fix them. I would like to know is there a another program like that. here is a short summary about this program. SlickRun is a free floating command line utility for Windows. SlickRun gives you almost instant access to any program or website. SlickRun allows you to create command aliases (known as MagicWords), so C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe becomes MAIL. Enter a web URL into SlickRun and it will launch your browser and navigate to the specified address. Run multiple programs in a few keystrokes, jot a note, look up a definition... SlickRun is the most natural way to interact with your computer. For those who don´t know this program, but are interested here is a link to it http://www.bayden.com/SlickRun/
  10. i´m using opera a lot and i found that mouse gestures are a really good way to save time and energy. So i want to know how can i add them to my windows XP SP2 Pro. so i could browse folders back and forward more quickly. is this possible??
  11. is there a way to give your desktop icons different sizes. like one is 32x32 an the other is 48x48 or 128x128 and all these icons are on desktop at the same time.
  12. How can I install ashampoo defragmenter 1.11 silently without yahoo toolbar. can anyone help me.

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