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  1. [Help] - Ntbackup stopped functioning

    net_user, thanks for the reply.ntbackup.exe is present in the system32 directory,and I used the XP Home CD because the ntbackup.msi is included to install the backup utility in XP Home,so i was hoping it would reinstall any files or registry entries which might have been deleted.I know ntbackup comes integrated with XP Pro.
  2. Hi,I have windows xp Professional with SP2 and all post SP2 hotfixes installed, and updated antivirus software. I used to set the NTbackup utility to do a daily backup of the system state once daily. Inexplicably it has stopped working.When I launch it either from Run --> Ntbackup or through its icon Ntbackup.exe the GUI doesn't start up at all. I tried to reinstall it using the Ntbackup.msi from Windows Home CD but that didn't work.would appreciated if the wizards at MSFN can help me to figure this out. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  3. Registry application able to get cd keys

    @trickytwista I have about 40 different CD's with all these programs.It would be one helluva task to find the exact registry settings.In addition to the Serials,the tweaks doneto theprogram would be saved and I intend to export that registry entry and use it in making my Unattend DVD. @Neanderthal I Just checked out the programme you suggested, this will usual give Microsoft keys,Nero etc,It is Almost the same s Aida2 or Belarc d Advisor. Any more utilites you come across please post them, Thanks any further input is really appreciated
  4. Hi, Anyone knows a registry application which can detect all the serial numbers, installation CD Keys of ALL SOFTWARE installed on your own computer. I have about 110 applications running on my WinXP machine, and am looking for a utilitiy which can scan my Program Files folder to get the names of all the Progrmmes installed and then search the registry keys to find the Serial nos and registration details of ALL the software on my computer so i can save those keys and use them to make an Unattended Installation. At present only BELARC ADVISOR AND AIDA 32 can detect the keys and serial nos of a limited no. of programmes. This is not a Warez request, All the software I have is legit. Thanks
  5. All-in-One Guru

    Gentlemen (and Ladies) – PEACE !! Where is the spirit of challenge and competition which is the true secret of social and intellectual evolution of the human race.MSFN has been a forum of such excellent members it is sad to see everyone flaming the others. Gosh gave us the slimming secret, Green Machine gave us XPcreate,then we had WPI, WIHU, Xplode by Wraith, BTS driver packs, and the list goes on…. Everyone is a small building block on this wonderful ship called MSFN, no one is greater or smaller,and as in Olympics we participate and the spirt of participation, progress,development should govern our passions and instincts and not a sentimental attachment to a certain project or person. Nuhi in his own right has created Nlite and brought it to near perfection.Nuhi I wouldn’t say MJC is doing this out of spite or arrogance and neither does he show any disrespect towards your work. I feel MJC should be encouraged and helped for his All-in-One Application.And while we all take pride in our work, a united and joint effort by MJC,NUHI,RyanVM,Wraith, should ultimately give MSFN an application which will be a source of pride for as long as Internet history is written, Your friendly neighbourhood doctor. ------- drbadami
  6. XP Install Error: Cannot Copy Files

    scan your original CD with Nero CD-DVD speed 3, it will do a physical surface scan and a file by file scan and this will tell you if the CD is damaged or corrupted.It happenned to my Original WinXP Pro but luckly I had made an identical copy with Clone CD, and that came real handy. Cheers
  7. .inf File Creation / Editing

    http://students.ou.edu/A/Sam.C.Anderson-1/infconv11.zip you can get it at the above link
  8. Help Reinstall Xp

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=34&t=29277 Check out this link, friend.
  9. Flashed Wrong Bios

    http://www.recoverybios.com/ Please check this site, hope it helps........
  10. WINNT.SIF and XP SP2

    This is from the SP2 Ref.chm file.I hope this helps to sort out your problem with the winnt.sif file. My suggestion is to keep the winnt.sif file on a floppy and keep trying and when you get it right,then burn it on a CD UnattendMode Defines the unattended mode to use during GUI-mode Setup. Syntax UnattendMode = DefaultHide | FullUnattended | GuiAttended | ProvideDefault | ReadOnly Values DefaultHide Specifies that answers in the answer file are defaults. Unlike UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, Setup does not display the user interface to end users if you specify in the answer file all the answers relating to a particular Setup page. If you specify only subsets of the answers on a page, the page appears with the provided answers. The end user can modify any of the answers on the displayed page. Use UnattendMode = DefaultHide in deployment scenarios where an administrator might want only end users to provide the administrator password on the computer. This behavior is the default if you do not specify unattended mode. FullUnattended Specifies a fully unattended GUI-mode Setup. If you do not specify a required Setup answer in the answer file, Setup generates an error. During an attended Setup, improperly signed hardware drivers generate a warning dialog box. If UnattendMode = FullUnattended, then Setup does not install hardware drivers unless they are properly signed. Use UnattendMode = FullUnattended in deployment scenarios where you require a complete unattended installation. GuiAttended Specifies an attended GUI-mode section of Setup. When specified, the end user must answer all questions in the GUI-mode portion of Setup before Setup finishes. Use UnattendMode = GuiAttended in preinstallation scenarios when you want to automate only text-mode Setup. ProvideDefault Specifies default answers in the answer file. In this case, Setup displays these default answers to the end user, who can change them if they are not appropriate. Use UnattendMode = ProvideDefault in preinstallation scenarios where the OEM or administrator wants to give the person setting up the computer the option to change the predefined default answers (especially network options). ReadOnly Specifies read-only answers in the answer file if the Windows Setup pages containing these answers appear to the end user. Like UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, no user interface appears if the answer file contains all the answers on a page. Unlike UnattendMode = DefaultHide, however, the end user can specify only new answers on a displayed page. Use UnattendMode = ReadOnly in scenarios where an administrator wants to force specific answers on one page but not others. Default Value DefaultHide Example UnattendMode = FullUnattended Comments The default value is DefaultHide when you do not specify the entry. When you specify this entry, it fully automates text-mode Setup with or without the necessary answers
  11. OfficeXP SP3 slipstreaming problem

    Thanks MCT,I got most of information from the Unattended site,but wasn't able to slipstream SP3 ,but I found the solution, Instead of x:\setup /a I used x:\setuppls /a and was able to create a administrative installation point and then slipstream SP3 easily.
  12. Hi Everyone, I am a medical doctor and venture now and then into this terrfic site.Trying to slipstream OfficeXP SP3,using Aaron's Unattended CD guide. On my Office XP CD I don't have the Setup.exe installer,so how do I make an Administrative Installtion Point? My OfficeXP CD has the following folders and files:please see the attachment. Thanks to all the wizards on MSFN Dr.Badami