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  1. Here's some shell extensions...

    @spiritpyre Thanks, the menus are different with Explorer Bar/Folders active. With Folders active the list is: Open Explore Search Sharing and security... Netware Copy Send to Cut Copy Create Shortcut Delete Rename Properties Without Folders active: View Arrange Icons by > Refresh Paste Paste Shortcut File Extension Toggle New Properties The context menu varies depending on whether My Documents, Folders or a Drive is selected but all have Search as one of the menu items rather than Refresh.
  2. Here's some shell extensions...

    @ spiritpyre The systems I tried FileExtToggle both run Windows XP Pro SP2. I'm not sure how your program works to understand why the Search Companion (Search Results window - all files) opens when it runs in Windows Explorer. I have looked at registry entries HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\Shell\Find & HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell\Find as they may have something to do with it. If registry entry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell\Find value is set to none, Winamp opens when FileExtToggle is run while a folder is active. There are 3 folders with winamp after the find folder under Directory\Shell.
  3. Here's some shell extensions...

    @ spiritpyre I have a client who is blind and uses a screen reader. She asked me if there is a easy way to toggle file extensions as it is time consuming if the reader has to read out full file name with extension all the time. Your FileExtToggle works great in My Computer however I noticed that if you use Windows Explorer the Find File dialog box displays. This only happens while the "Folders bar" (View>Explorer Bar\Folders) is open (default). I can get around this by giving advice to my client to use My Computer or close the Folder bar in Explorer however it would be great if this could be fixed in a new version in the future.